Proof My Curses WORK And People Admiring Me

Before I get into the cursing part, let me show ya a phrase somebody left on the porta potty wall in Malibu:

Notice he used “mexicant”! THAT’S MG PHRASE I’VE USED IN SOME OF MY VIDEOS!!! Means people watching me and I think, fuck it – I KNOW some mugs come out here just to see me!

That said, remember this hoe here:

Wakanda Trailer Park Resident Starts Some SHIT With Me


Now, my work IN THIS CASE wasn’t as commendable as Jamila who nearly set her hater on fire by using as I call it bitchcraft to induce a fire that fucked up this girl’s entire apartment building and nearly killed the girl via smoke inhalation:

Here a link to the news story:


That said, that trailer park wakanda hoe is staying in another car (I know this shit sound petty, lol) after I put some shit on her. I believe her and the dude in the car with her had an RV. Now that shit GONE due to my witchcraft!

That’s why you can’t fuck with REAL WITCHES! That’s why you also need to be careful who you put your mouth on. You don’t know what they packing. Some people pack heat aka a gun – in my case I pack witchcraft and evil spirits ready to do my bidding!

I can condemn you to hell.

That movie “Drag Me To Hell” was real! Just look at the Christopher Case story down below:

Here is a link to the article in the Seattle Times CONFIRMING IT!

Funny cause I even heard an entity one time say “siyaaa” just like the woman in “Drag Me To Hell” said while in the backseat of that woman’s car:

That’s why I say – like I will say to that Australian BITCH yesterday telling me to “leave” (GO BACK TO AUSTRALIA YOU KANGAROO FUCKING PUMPING ASS BITCH!!!) – BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PUT YOUR MOUTH ON! I got the power to condemn people to hell, a terrible afterlife that you will be stuck in for all eternity! The same shit that Christopher Case was sacrificed to is the same shit I got around me – protecting me! I can be demonic, I can also be your best friend!

Don’t get on my bad side! I love witchcraft cause I can LEGALLY kill people and not worry about facing charges or any consequences (I am spiritually protected). I see alot of people who’ve done schitt to me are getting that work. I don’t play. I don’t believe in forgiveness. I KNOW karma don’t exist (when people get shit back that’s cause they fucked with someone who is spiritually protected). Like a serial killer, I REJOICE in my enemies’ suffering when I get them back and when they plead for forgiveness, it makes me cum. I’m VERY vindictive. Given how CRUEL people are to me – I don’t play that forgiveness card. I been through top much. Fuck ya’ll. Ya’ll gotta pay!

I ain’t getting visions to be the Antichrist for nothing:

And Yet ANOTHER Vision To Be Recruited Into Being The Antichrist AND SPORTS

Watch who you put your mouth on cause you just might be next!

Also, I’m still waiting on the LOST Hills sheriffs to Mitrice Richardson this bitch before I Christopher Case her!

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