Identity of Australian Asshole Who Shouted To Me To Get Out REVEALED

The spirits showed me this for a reason (he appeared on my facebook timeline):

Look at these LAME-HOES gassing this faggot up:

He even got some sucky ass song out called, “Black Magic”:

You gonna get this work playboy.

Funny, I saw someone was trying to write Santana (they ended up spelling it “Santaama” or something) on the porta potty commode walls:

Ain’t the sun beautiful too!

Well, THIS BITCH was the inspiration for my blogpost here:

Why It’s Mostly Men Who Wanna Fight Me Over The Topless Thing I Do

This BITCH yelled – while riding his motorbike, “When you gonna leave” at me. At some point, while I wasn’t looking, he came back around.

You fucked with the wrong one (or shall I say in this case THE RIGHT ONE!).

See, playboy, you come up to me – Imma fuck you up.

– I got the tools to do it.

Secondly, you talking all that “magic” shit in that song – bitch, lol – Spirit pointed me to your facebook for a reason.

That said, you ain’t gonna fuck with me and think you can walk off – unscathed.

I see you got a pathetic 4 PEOPLE upvoting your posts.

Bitch, you gonna be getting “upvoted” with pitchforks in your ass where I’m sending ya, playboy (or should I say, FAGboi, lol!)!

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