Talking To Dead People In The Astral 4th Dimemsion

I wanna go ahead and write this article as opposed to what I was gonna post (which will be later) cause of what I experienced!THIS WAS AN EXPERIENCE – CANT BE A SO CALLED LUCI DREAM – CAUSE OF HOW VIVID IT WAS! Here’s what’s up! Here’s what happened!

Okay, last night or better yet – early this morning – I SWEAR I had an experience where, I saw how dead people operate and one of the places where they go when they die: I don’t recall ALLLL the particulars but I recall seeing two black women – both of whom were wearing dashikis. I don’t know WHAT THE FUCK IT WAS but they did something to me while alive – I forgot, maybe they were the ones who put spells on me, etc. but AS SOON AS I CONFRONTED THEM, THEY RAN AWAY and they were with another black chick – I don’t know if it was Veritas Entrepreneur – but they ROLLED OUT! One was light the other black!

That said – and this the second part that tripped me out – there was a young black lady, musta been 20s but looked younger since black don’t crack, lol and she was wearing a white top with floral designs, small ones, etc. and we were in a forest like area. She was dark skinned. Now, the thing that got me was – when I asked how she died, she grew ashamed, bothered to tell me (I knew I was in the 4D, the astral aka the afterlife). I also asked her the year – she couldn’t answer (I have come across that when in the astral which is where practically the Dream World takes place).

I can’t tell you how many times I woke up in a dream and started asking the astral denizens “What year it was?” and “Where are we at?” CAUSE we in the 4th dimension where time and space don’t exist, they honestly don’t know how to respond. I recall once being in a realm that looked like an 80s teen stage set, not too unsimilar to this:


Also, this here (guy makes a great comment saying that John Cusack got flung into a dimension not bound by time and space – the 4th dimension – which I was at last night):

Shit, this reminds me: Let me tell you a story from my old apartment! I recall waking up at around 2am or 3am, somewhere in between that time – and I SWEAR I SAW red neon lights – three on both sides, flanking and pointing towards the door. I believe they were on the ground, too. There was a big sign saying, “Exit.” There was an eerie red light coming from it. I KNEW, I HAD THE STRANGE INCLULINATION THAT IF I WERE TO WALK INTO THERE, I WOULD NOT BE COMING OUT!!!

Just the other night, I had a strange dream where I saw a young lady named Tina Turnup (if somebody is thinking about me or as was in the case of Spiritree a couple of times doing dirty shit – they show up in the astral in my world) and I was on friendly terms with her, chit chatting. I was putting on a green full suit like this here:

IT WASN’T ANYTHING NEGATIVE!!! I feel the suit symbolizes change, that this is me:

It makes sense since the Empress lives out in nature and rules it with an iron hand!

I guess I’m The Queen of the Homeless Bums, lol!

Funny, I saw a GREEN catepillar (which symbolizes change and transformation from said catepillar to butterfly) crawling on me not too long ago!

Anyways, I saw the whole scene take place in a place I been before – the astral – in a dressing room and a theatrical set, which is very similar to where I saw a red headed white looking ancestor (She black like Mariah Carey – lol – but seriously, she is, a creole) so this how you KNOW you are in the astral – by going to the same place, constantly!

That said, it’s sad the way the girl was there – seemed her life ended short, I sensed she was murdered. It mad hurt my heart. But she was happy – whoever she was – and seems like she won’t be in pain again – in the astral!

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