I Swear I Time Travelled Back to 1968

I SWEAR this had to have been a time travel – no other way around it!

That said, I time traveled – my soul that is – back to 1968 (could it have been the astral version). It reminded me of this doc I saw on Youtube:

That said, it was like I was in a welfare – THAT’S IT – welfare sign up tenement looking place. I was flying, topless! Now – and man I recall with perfect clarity – there were a group of black ladies, etc. sitting around. I am starting to think that maybe my consciousness was channeled based on what I am about to say: the black ladies asked me where I was from. I stammered for a bit until finally saying – as if I had to remember (makes me think U was channeled or attached to someone – imagine me, a spirit attachment): 2018. That said, I went on to say that we would have a war – but not a world war – with Saudi Arabia. Here is how I KNOW I had to have been channeled: I FORGOT TO TELL THEM ABOUT CELLPHONES!!!

I don’t know if maybe these were “dead people” lying in the 4D. I just don’t understand how could I forgot to tell them about cellphones. When you are out your body, your consciousness expands so how could I forgot to tell them that – unless channeled and put into someone else’s stream of awareness even though I recall being in MY spirit body – is beyond me! I don’t know what to think!!!

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