Astral Beings Telling Me That I Don’t Belong In The Astral Etheric Worlds

Since I opened up my crown chakra, I’ve been able to leave my body with Noooo problems as this old ad by Frankie and Johnnie’s in New Orleans would say:

– Look at the nigga with the crazy ole eyes! My dad used to talk shit about him, lol!

That said, this was a three parter astral travel experience where all the beings in it “called me out.”

That said, in the first, three white homeless dudes were with each other and I recall one of em – nice looking dude, mad pale with dark, jer black hair, tall and thin, young too, with a Donnie Darko vibe who – I won’t lie – looked like him:

SAME HAIRSTYLE (Except it was black), EVERYTHING!!!

– Nigga was grinning at me like a jackass in this vid here, lol:

snatched me and tried to do some weird ritual thing in which he tried to rape then murder me. It was in a lil garden like area which seemingly transferred onto a road in the city (so you know that I was in the 4D) then I recall seeing a cop pass by, a couple, until they stopped to investigate. Now I am remembering how it started; they kidnapped another girl, I was trying to stop it, I tried to kick him in the balls but I felt “disabled of my powers.” I remember the bastard telling me this. I also recall the weird way he had my nipples propped up: they were propped up on some wooden crescent shaped small boards and made to look like eyes! There’s symbolism in that.

That said, and this is the part that stands out the most: I saw the deputies there, etc. in a landscape I could tell indicated I was in the 4D considering the constantly changing landscape. Maybe even 5D. Make a long story short, it seemed I was in a wooden play pin which they “set up” to investigate what was happening to me (one of em came on air ship and asked if I was okay.). One of the deputies – dude in an orange colored shirt and gun in holster, he looked Jewish – stopped to ask me, “Who I was?” and “What I was doing here?” I was like, “That’s me” and I saw a visage of myself with angel wings, rainbow colored scarf. They asked again who I was and what I was doing here…

Now, here is another one: I don’t recall the particulars but it was the same revolving landscape when I saw a black couple – a big black woman and a big black dude who I’ve seen in real life. I was in a hair store (ain’t been in one for a looong time since I went natural) and I saw blue hair (always wanted that) and red straight hair (in my waking life I thought about getting it) till I think the black dude pulled me to the side and asked “If I belonged there” and “If I knew where I was?” I said and I remember being side by side with him saying that I knew that I was in the astral then I said ether and I recall him saying that “I wasn’t supposed to be there.”

Then I had another one where I felt I was on the shores of ancient Kemet (Egypt) and I was living by a beach, I recall having to wipe my ass after accidentally shitting and couldn’t find a place to do (in real life I run to establishments, common restaurants, etc). I recall hiding under towels trying to wipe my ass, I even jumped in the water to try and cleanse myself to no avail. I saw a line of taxis and I saw the water which had that middld eastern orange red tinge on it and I swear out there I saw a portal! I recall I think seeing the lil middle eastern lady who sells strawberries (she very sweet) on Topanga Canyon Rd. I recall seeing a white blonde haired guy I’ve seen in a grey truck either nursing a nose bleed or snorting – I think he was nursing a wound and he was on the phone taking directions on how to take care of it!

That is when I came to…

I don’t know if I astral traveled or not (it was too vivid not to have) but I’ve heard from other astral travel stories countless times how beings who are aware they are not “from there” will stop them and call them out! That alone CONFIRMS to me that I had to have astral traveled. That and I was VERY self aware the whooole time!

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