I Think This Vision of Being Raped By LA County Deputies In Malibu MIGHT BE THE REAL ONE


– Note it says, “by the beach.” That’s a sign!

I feel they felt empowered after this:
since their reptilian asses are probably thinking (I mean, how fucked up is this?) “If he can beat her ass, so can we…” seeing it as a TRIUMPH!

Funny a couple of days ago I saw a reptilian white BITCH on a bike YELL while riding past me, “Lock her up!”

I am learning to trust my visions more and I don’t think it’s by coincidence that this happened after I was selected for targeted “parking” enforcement…

That said, the vision I had started with two LA County Sheriffs in Malibu – one was a Chinese, medium build new trainee (WHO I HAVE NEVER seen before so I KNOW it’s real) and this short brown haired friendly dyke lady with a gap tooth (the people I am talking about are TOO SPECIFIC not to have ever existed) who took me into the patrol car but weren’t clear on why – it had something to do with a trumped up charge like not appearing in court WHEN I DID in which I felt TOTALLY helpless. I recall I was then transported to a house which I thought was weird. We were sitting in a bedroom – the home by the way was a small, one story, yellow colored (which I sense connotes to a real house which I may see if this vision materializes in real life). Anyways, while in the bedroom – I recall the window was open and there was a hot albeit breeze still coming forth – I recall the lesbian woman said, “Yeah, she’s here if you wanna have sex with her!”

I GOT THE FUCK OUTTA, broke loose while still wearing my handcuffs and I recall hiding somewhere, under a house and I recall – very vividly – seeing undercover patrolmen, one with shades, the type I see in the undercover governmemt Chevy Suburbans whom I saw ALIENS IN (possibly Men In Black) driving up and down the PCH which I discussed here:


They were looking for me! I think they may have found me at one point and returned me back but that vision was sickening to say the least…

That said, at one point I saw somethimg about the Antichrist and how my potentially being used to become the Antichrist was somehow staving them off from fucking with me! Been had from what the vision correlated. I also saw the Darkness plans for me – which were to become an Ars Goetia Demon after the sacrifice…

Wow… what do I take from this? There are spiritual forces trying to protect me but for the WRONG REASONS, to get me on the side of bad (wouldn’t be surprised if they are the CAUSE of alot of these events as they sure brought on the artist loft incident, etc.). To think, now that I recall, last night I saw a shadow person standing next to a car, it had on a midwestern shaggy straw like Southern hat, if that makes sense and it was chilling…

That said, I feel there are alot of powerful forces at work here. I know they tried to use this girl-woman to come for me here:

They may have used her here before IN PART to do this: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/06/i-was-attacked-last-night/ They sent her last night! I KNOW they did. They are hoping I bend, but I won’t! THIS IS A REAL SPIRITUAL BATTLE THAT I AM FIGHTING – not some HYPOchristian shit! They’ve – the reptilians, illuminati – been fucking with my money for months causing things to happen that will drain me of my meager savings… Doing alot to convert me to evil but I won’t let them! I see their plan for what it is and I won’t let thek break me down!

That vision was a little too vivid with people who are real but I’ve never seen to just dismiss off as “non existent.” I am being sent a message. I think something might go down so I’ll be prepared and stay up – spiritually! Acknowledge the messages and beware cause the way they are only marking MY CAR SAYS ALOT – LIKE THEY PLANNING TO DO SOME SHIT TO ME!

You can watch the video down below to see what I mean:

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I think they gonna try to tow my car and fuck with me from there…

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