The Illuminati’s War Is AGAINST The Divine Feminine

I’ve been noticing this for years given the church’s stance against women as evidenced in the Salem Witch Trials:

And as evidenced in modern day society with the still continued assault upon women:

– Shit don’t exist for nothing…

I believe alot of the hatred towards females started with the reptilians since they are very anti-female and as archons are afraid of humans opening up their chakras – the key to self empowerment AND freeing ourselves from this prison planet!

That said, let me tell you the REAL reason behind the church, organized religion (Islam, HYPOchristianity)’s desire to suppress the masses move towards enlightenment via the opening of your chakras: To attack the Divine Feminine so we as humans won’t come into our divine power by reconnecting with said Divine Feminine – THE TRUE CREATOR OF ALL UNIVERSES – which via reconnecting with said Source Energy will allow us to bust free from the spiritually dead (hence why they tell you to keep ypur chakras closed and suppressed) system the Archons under the Demiurge have created to harvest our energy by getting us to worship the parasitic, male (hence why god is portrayed as a male) God who didn’t create shit but otherwise acts like it!

That’s WHY deities are portrayed as MALE!

– Also, Jesus Christ was a black female!

Let me explain…

Okay, in EVERY culture except western culture since it was created by crakkkaroaches with not one ounce of spiritual senses (hence why they created the term, “schizophrenia”, to describe basically the act of being psychic ie seeing shit, etc.), TRUE FEMININITY WAS EQUATED TO THE DIVINE IE SPIRIT WORLD since it’s women’s wiley emotions – ESP. when we on our period as I explain here: that allows us to activiate the dna/psychic sense necessary to access it! Think about it: manic depression – a wiley craziness of emotions, is considered the precursor to schizophrenia. That comes from chaotic emotions which helms an increase in adrenaline (and adrenochrome) that can lead into being able to activate your pineal gland, etc. due to the energy caused by such chaotic emotions. I found (though this experience is different for everybody) that when I was gonna leave my body my heart would beat incredibly fast before leaving.


WE WILL ALL BE ON THE “SAME PAGE!” WE CAN HEAR EACH OTHER’S THOUGHTS, KNOW WHAT EACH OTHER IS THINKING THUS THERE WILL BE NO MORE DECEPTION and since the illuminati want to be the “gods of this world” as outlined in the Hunger Games (the blueprint for the future they envision for ALL OF US as will be set out via Agenda 21: ) through the esoteric knowledge they and the Vatican wish to keep from public knowledge, the very knowledge (which can be used for good or bad) WITCH THEY PLAN TO USE AGAINST US!

That’s WHY the illuminati encourages women to look more like men aka trannies:

Can you REALLY tell tje difference from this transgender person from a real woman who wears all that pounds of makeup?

Tell women to shave their hair (pubic hair and all…):

– Notice how when you google search “hairy underarms” nothing but females show up since it’s an outlier for us due to men NOT really having societal trends enforced and imposed upon them like we do! Ain’t that interesting that we even HAVE trends imposed upon us?

And tell women to imbibe sperm BUT NOT sacred period blood which can enhance psychic powers:

…Not to go topless (the very FACT that something that’s sacred that used to feed children gets sexualized shows how SICK this world us) and body shame us into becoming literal objects with no soul…

It’s ALL an attempt to suppress the Divine Feminine IN ALL OF US by making us think that since pseudo femininity is BAD, so thus the REAL FEMININITY!!!

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