The Racist and Misogynist Tricks We Sex Workers Have To Put Up With

The Racist and Misogynist Tricks We Sex Workers Have To Put Up With

I am Raven, need I say more:


Example 1

Black Man Harasses Sex Worker for Not Seeing… by ravenmasterson

A while back this person who called me from this number here, a 760-443-3455 number, would call me the n word and every other sordid thing under the stars – which you can view in that video there – just because I am a sex worker and he felt ENTITLED TO (simply by stating that by virtue of my posting my number that gives him the “right” to call and harass me which sounds very familiar to the tactic that street harassers use as an excuse to justify harassing women out in public just because we are in public and just because they can, which needs to change). That said, I got numerous phone calls from this asshole – despite threatening to call the cops, get friends on him, all sorts of things until I posted the video up there which was my only salvation). That said, here is number #2…

Example 2: 310-739-8586 the owner of RBH Corporation (His name is David as can be seen in the text he sent me below):

David Text Message Blackout

This sick fuck called me over the weekend last Saturday to set up an appt. I never give out my address initially, just cross streets! That said, I went ahead and rendered him my FULL ADDRESS once he said he arrived and was at the approx. location ie cross streets I told him to be at. That said, without even so much as calling, HE “CANCELED” RIGHT AFTER GETTING THE ADDRESS AND EVEN TOLD ME THAT HE DID THIS TO SOMEONE ELSE~ This guy is a stalker. You don’t have to take my word for it, just listen at the vm below:

Here is what happened WHEN HE ARRIVED:

Example 3: 714-605-9689. This is the bastard who I KNOW posted this tidbit of info on me, here, as “skppr” telling people to stay away.

Michael J Skppr Erotic Review

You don’t have to take my word for it, THIS GUY IS A CERTIFIED STALKER! Look at the call logs:

Michael J Phone Calls 2 Michael J Phone Calls 4 Michael J Phone Calls 5 Michael J Phone Calls

– He is still calling which can still be seen even though he is blocked and they don’t come to my phone number.

This guy called me NUMEROUS TIMES KNOWING I DON’T SEE BLACK MEN and demanded to know why with no respect for my boundaries. This is par the course for this so called “industry” where you have TRICKS1 LIKE THIS who feel like their consciences are absolved of any wrongdoing whatsoever because to them we are not fully human they can do whatever they like.

Here is the final one:

Gary Leshner Phone Calls

Example 4: Gary Leshner, 310-925-2630. This guy sent me an email basically putting down the fact that I have hairy armpits as he calls it and decided to harass me simply because of how I choose to “wear” my own body ie I am comfortable in my own skin so thus he is unhappy with this and feels the need to “harass me” as a result. To give you background info on Gary, I saw this person years ago. He is a misogynist. He refuses to take care of his child, failing to pay and even refusing to pay from what he told me child support over the years. He was a big fan of Tom Leykis – unsurprisingly – and is the type of trick who has to PAY FOR IT cause it is the only way he can get sex. With that said, he is the type of trick – not client – with low self esteem and feels the need to “one up” himself buy putting others down. He reached out and acted as if he wanted an appt by sending em an email and a request to see me. I obliged and in return he bashed my hairy armpits:

GaryTrick 1 GaryTrick 7GaryTrick 3 GaryTrick 4 GaryTrick 5 GaryTrick 6 Gary Trick 2

That said, he went ahead and trolled me on my youtube channel, which you can see here:

Gary Youtube 4
This is where he bad mouthed black women…

Gary Youtube 2

This is what he had to say about “black women”:

” think lots of black women “ethnic” themselves up – they have way too much hard ass tats, way too much drama, and are very much the fembot fuckbot guys want.  That is why the koreans are all up in” – Gary Lesher posting as “Ron Dorin” on Youtube.

As you can note, he harbors much disdain for black women and as can be seen in the email sent to me from him above, he feels that black women are only good for sex and nothing else and insults our looks yet this sick bastard works in Hollywood and even boasted of working around the great and famed Bernie Mac, a black man and great comedian at that:

Then he bad mouthed me on one review site as Reviewer “Hundred” which you can see here:



Example 5: Robert Galinsky, 646-372-8666, whom you can read more about here or just do a quick google check. Anyways, tho he is not the WORST, he is bad in that I have told him NUMEROUS TIMES NOT TO CALL ME and even though he has never been out here as a sick ass “fan” he still insists on calling, as can be seen here (I intercepted and hung up on him, which is why minutes say,”0″):

Robert Galinsky 646-372-8666

Example 6: 508-688-5447. This person here, a unknown black guy who claims to work with a Mike and Fred in a security office (I am guessing he is a MP officer)  presumably for the US military and I am guessing for the navy in Hawaii since he said jokingly to report him to JAG aka Judge Advocate General’s Corps in that area (where he claims to be located for the moment). That said, for a couple of days and just recently, he bombarded me with THREATENING MESSAGES FOR NOT SEEING BLACK MALES, which you can read here:

5086885447 Harassment Nagger
You can see in the latest message he is STILL HARASSING ME!

Here is another message in which 508-688-5447 aka Willie Col (which my stand for Colonel William) says he wants me to die (being that he is a PAID FOR MILITARY MURDERER FOR HIRE, I DO NOT PUT IT PAST HIM TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS)!

SC20150903-065521(Damn, all these examples): Here is another one, the 7th one: 818-208-1775. I think this might be the trick under “Ron Dorin” who has been stalking my youtube channel as of late (I still suspect it might be the other person but I am not sure). That being said, I do not know his name and am certainly trying to find out but I know when I call, it makes a “beep” sound as if he is recording and he sounds like a creepy child molestor. As you can see the dox below:

818-208-1775 Stalker Dox


Note how obsessive acting he is here, like, "You don't wanna see me so I will go somewhere else!"
Note how obsessive acting he is here, like, “You don’t wanna see me so I will go somewhere else!”


How people gaslight others! This is the technique known as gaslighting where they mentally obsessed says I am crazy yet they are the ones with the issue!
How people gaslight others! This is the technique known as gaslighting where they mentally obsessed says I am crazy yet they are the ones with the issue!

He asked for my address while PRETENDING to be someone who has seen me cause he thought it would be a more effective in! That said, I NEVER GIVE OUT MY FUCKING ADDRESS, I DON’T CARE OF YOU SAY YOU HAVE SEEN ME OR NOT! That said, he became agitated and disgusted and as a result never followed through. That said, here he is and as a caution of warning to young ladies out here, avoid him!


Here is another one (so many psychos). This 661-3680-4889:

Asshole Contacting Me Creepy 2Asshole Contacting Me Creepy 3 Asshole Contacting Me Creepy 4 Asshole Contacting Me Creepy

His shyte’s public record:

Asshole Contacting Me Creepy 5Notice how he sexually harassed me by “complimenting me” and then asking for my address, as if the biz I was in THRIVES ON THAT! That said, sexual harassment in general is a manifestation of attempted power over someone perceived as weaker than you per the reptilian agenda. That said, he wanted to hang money over MY had by leaving me linger to respond to the “compliment” in a kind of pseudo hostage situation to hold the money over my head cause he knew I needed it (I made copies). That said, this person – who purports to be a cop (I doubt it) has done this to me NUMEROUS TIMES and I knew – despite my not saving his number in my phone – that he WOULD be a problem! Then he cancelled ad NEVER CONTACTED ME (I contacted him). He already came off as creepy, predator and now I have it saved and I will save others the risk of dealing with this STALKER (since he has done this to me NUMEROUS TIMES) of dealing with this person here. gf ayone has any information, please let me know @ [email protected]



SC20150913-222921 2

You can look at the emails below:

Alvaro Orozco Files 2 Censored

Alvaro Orozco Files 4 Censored

Alvaro Orozco Files 5 Censored

This guy has been stalking EVERY AD I HAD FOR SOME TIME and you can tell by the level of disgustingness he posts that he is a dumb, stupid careless sob.


Anyways, based on a conversation I had with him tonight, he struck me as OBSESSED and at one point demanded my full address (I ever give that out until the person gets here) and basically, with an almost monotone emotionless, robotic tone, asked me why I never responded to him before. He also struck me as someone who REALLY DID NOT SEE WOMEN AS BEING I MORE THAN TWO DIMENSIONS ie as something to just fuck, a robot with no rights. That scared me. It is always because I got a bad feeling. So while talking with him over the phone he basically stated he wanted to get viagra to please me (what, really?) ad how we were MADE FOR EACH OTHER ad the he kept asking about having a  relationship together, This is why it is IMPORTANT to listen to your spider senses. He struck me as an obsessed stalker and even flagged one of my ads after I told him no due to the creepiness with how he conducted himself over the phone, and almost obsessed, stalkerish feeling that he gave off as if – to him – we were “soulmates.” That said, I would tell any woman NOT TO SEE HIM, EVER! He states he lives by Western and Manchester and probably has the habit of driving up and down and doing only the Goddess knows what to the poor ladies who work the hoe stroll there. One scary thing he did mention is that he is familiar with my area and I got the overriding sense that he works around here so I will be very careful and may try to get his pic in case I see him around here for my own safety.

Damn, this doesn’t end: 818-389-4876 whose name I believe is “Daniel Rocha” based on this evidence below:

Dan Rocha YellowThis person called me early on in the evening. Based on the WAY he sounded, he sounded OUT OF IT and if he were high as well as a very presumptuous POS! Here is the call:

He sent me some text after I HUNG UP ON HIM and twice he called me a “nigger.” Below are the screenshots:

818-389-4876 Tell Me To Get Aids and Calls Me N Word Censored 818-389-4876 Tell Me To Get Aids and Calls Me N Word Censored 3A

Here is ANOTHER ONE: David Zamudio who resides in Antelope Valley, CA so he claims:

Look at this ugly, fat, sloppy fat as SPIC gorilla!
Look at this ugly, fat, sloppy fat as SPIC gorilla!

This mofo referred to me a “black suga” and nigger, obviously racial contumlies. A a result, I blasted him, and here are his responses:

David Zamudio Niggers CensoredDavid Zamudio Email 2 David Zamudio Email CensoredHe also made an epithet about my gender, saying this:

“You have an anger problem woman .but your just still a woman in a mans world.”

– Nevermind the fact that he came from a woman, or, judging by his looks, a gorilla to be exact.

I at one point thought that David Zamudio of Antelope Valley, CA could of been this rapist/ child molestor here:

I think this might be one of his relatives as I sent him a email stating this suspicion and he has yet to get back to me and “confirm,” confirming he just might be it! Plus her last name is “Zamudio” and she resides in Antelope Valley just as he does, which further strenghtens my suspicions:

Here is Example #9: Shane Mervan of Adobe Builders aka Thunderstone Granite and Marble of Burbank (he also formerly operated out of Canyon Country I see):

Shane Mervan Biz Dox
He is one UGLY mofo! I guess he knows even HOOKERS WILL REJECT HIM, LOL!

Here is the number he calls from: 818-961-7995. Here is another work # he possesses 661-252-8071

The reason why he is on my shit list is because he is a chronic call and no how called, meaning he is a stalker who STALK ME (and possibly other females a well) everytime I at least put up an ad. He called on Friday night and pulled the same things…

Shane Mervan Call 2

I guess he ran his biz so bad, that he took down his whole FACEBOOK PAGE AS A RESULT, as can be seen here:

Shane Mervan Biz Facebook Shut Down Yellow


Here are his work dox aka work address: 

Adobe Builders
27519 N. Spencer Ct. Unit 104
Canyon Country, CA  91387

Office: 661-252-8071 Mobile: 818-961-7995

Also, here is the info for his other biz:

Thunderstone Granite and Marble Co.

1100 W. Isabel St., Burbank, CA91506

Shane Marvan’s possibly so crooked he shut down his websites/ facebook, linkedin pages, as can be seen below:

Shane Mervan Biz Facebook Shut Down YellowShane Mervan Facebook 2 Shut Down Yellow Shane Mervan Linkedin Shut Down


Here is more info based on a public records search:

Shane Mervan Address Public SearchHere is more of Shane Mervan’s info for folks who have been scammed by this likely con artist and hustler based on what I see of his possible fly by night looking as shady fucking companies:


5455-221 Zelzah Avenue, Encino, California

1100 W Isabel Street, Burbank, California


Things used to be in this industry that women of mostly high level calibre would collect trick’s/ client’s names and info in case they did something wrong, such as theft, mistreatment, the whole nine yards but now, even if a woman gets RAPED she is afraid of disclosing the bastards “doxs” for fear she won’t get any work as can be evidenced of the terror that David Elms, alleged “former” owner of The Erotic Review, did to female sex workers who he wanted and desired and wanted to basically and practically RAPE THEM FOR FREE!

There are alot of dangers in this industry. I used to say I would cape for it and push for legalization. Now, I am not so sure. I will focus on my clothing line more and getting that up and started over legalizing an industry I feel vastly and inherently does not respect women the way they should – irrespective of what we do with our own bodies. Where the men feel as if they have more leverage to rape and take advantage of us which is what happened to me in the case of this person here who took advantage while I was asleep (Dov Kin is his name and here is the number: 323-309-3660 and he even posted in the suv of a black guy as if staking me out to attack me for speaking out against it) simply because of what we do. Where men feel as if they can wantonly do and get away with whatever they want cause of what we do and they hold it over our heads…I have so many more stories to tell…

Men are not immune from harm, too. This woman I was told by a client of mine stole a gold watch of his. I will get her dox when they become available so you all can protect yourselves.

This is why I miss MyRedBook; it was the great equalizer between client and sex worker and treated EVERYONE WITH RESPECT! That said, I will do an article and perhaps start a gofundme to help them in THEIR time of need as they did for so many others…

The best advice I can give young ladies is to GET THE FUCK OUT! I have met many respectful gentlemen who were more respectful then when I was a slut. However, there are many pieces of shits who don’t come through that door and have occasionally who should be put out on front street. That is why I said, make your money and get out. And to the ladies currently doing this: DEVELOP A BACKBONE AND SPEAK OUT WHEN THESE GUYS DO YOU WRONG. As I have witnessed and been fired upon by review sites, these tricks don’t like it when you expose their dirty ways yet THEY got the right to put all your business out on front street when  we don’t “cater to their every whim” ie allow them to RAPE US AND ATTACK US AT THEIR DISPOSAL! This is why I avoid them. Now, I am not saying all the women are perfect as can be manifested by this person here who a nice client of mines informed me stole a watch of hers, but that said, there are many dangers that lurk and when these guys do wrong, they need to be put out there cause that is why we collected their personal information in the first place – an issue of checks and balances where we make sure we got something over their head in case they do wrong and visa versa.


Now, this industry is not equal and the exploitation and other abuses that many anti-prostitution activists speak out about are coming to light more and more since many women are not revealing what these tricks do to them and allow these guys to have the upper hands.


With that said, this can easily be used against sex workers and clients alike as to WHY PROSTITUTION SHOULD NEVER BE LEGALIZED!


If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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