Possible Illegal Prostitute Owner of Bea Flowers on 1290 La Brea Blvd In LA Calls Topless Black Woman the N Word

No wonder this racist, skank, illegal BITCH got punched in her face by a BLACK WOMAN  while back, which you can see here:

Robbery supposedly

This nasty POSSIBLY ILLEGAL skank here:

Fat Flower Shop Wetback Bitch
You couldn’t PAY a man to rape this bitch!

…had the NERVE to call the police on me for bearing my breasts in public, despite obviously catering to the street walker clientele who prostitutes on that block (I presume) by selling fucking CONDOMS at a fucking “Flower shop” – moar like fucking FRONT, amirite (I honestly think SHE might be prostituting out of the flower shop and is only using it as a front):

Flower Shop Condoms
How classy!

This nasty, Colombian, I presume SKANK WHORE THEN HAD THE Nerve to ARGUE, which I valiantly fought back against, which you can see here:

Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”29059″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

And then here:

Anyways, when I drove off, when I was near earshot, as I tried to apologize to the SKANK before leaving, she called me a “Fucking nigger,” and how she hates how we always cause her problems. Racist, amirite?


Anyways, here is this racist skank, POSSIBLY ILLEGAL BITCH’S business address and info right here:

1290 S La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 9001


Here is the vendor who supports this illegal immigrant (presumably) and her shop here along with the license of I think either they or that stank ass SPICK FAT NASTY GREASY BITCH’S store:

9702 E. Rush Street

South El Monte, CA 91733



Also, here are the real estate brokers who allowed this nasty wetback skank racist BITCH to stay here, illegally:

213-798-2409 and at 323-899-5519

Here is the single yelp review left by one of her wetback ass family members:


Ain’t nobody fooled by that bs! Go leave a review 🙂

Also, call border patrol and make sure her papers are in order: 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423)


* You know that fat bitch ain’t here legally and you know gotdamned well that she might be doing a lil bit of “hooking” on the side. Just look at her:

Fat Flower Shop Wetback Bitch
That’s a $60 hoe right here!

She might be selling PUSSY out that Flower shop, hence the condoms and the flower shop being a possible, mere, “front” for PROSTITUTION (if you see anything suspicious, call LAPD Wilshire Division at 213-473-0476). Anyways, have a good day and stay safe and watch out for TROLLIPS LIKE THIS, which there will be more developments on as they develop! Anyways, have a good day and bye!

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