Myself As Proof of Aliens Amongst You

I want you to look at my eyes:       That is not normal. Notice they look alot like that panther’s eyes on the right side. They form a diamond like shape as if shapeshifting like the panther’s to the right. Here are some more. Note the strangeness of the shape of the pupils […]

Black Woman Starts Topless Movement in L.A. And White Woman Gets Credit

I knew this was gonna happen:   Link to article here:   Here is PROOF I did it first:                         I felt it in my bones which is why I STOPPED “blogging” about “topless activism” on my site and started focusing on MYSELF on […]

Going for a Topless Walk Around My Neighborhood In Mid Wilshire

Here is the highlight of my jogging experience while TOPLESS:     The highlight of my morning right here: When I am topless and spend my day jogging or working out (Thursday is my designated work out, walk around/ job day) I usually go from Hauser Blvd to around near the LACMA museum/ LaBrea Tar […]

Possible Identity of the Misogynist Perv Who Stalked Me: Recks Robert

::BREAKING:: THIS GUY IS A FUCKING STALKER! His obsession with seeing me “topless” combined with obsessing over telling me that it is not “socially acceptable” for me to be topless COMBINED with him knowing I went to the eyecare place on Monday and Thursday of this week shows he is a STALKER and possible rapist […]

Kris Benveniste Calls Me The N Word After Calling Him Out On Possibly Sexually Harassing A Woman

This nigga thinks he is GOD’S GIFT TO WOMEN: This ugly bitch look like he can pose as “twinses” with this ugly mofo right here, Randall Flagg from that Stepphen King film, “The Stand”: See, they’re TWINSES! This crakkka KIKE crypto beast came to my attention when I noticed him staring lecherously at ALL – […]

Jehovah’s Witness Pass by Topless Woman on Hauser Blvd and Don’t Say Shit

These were some good, church going ladies: I have to commend them for their reaction to my toplessness. They were very nice. Later, I thought they were calling the cops…then I saw the rest of the bunch show up, otherwise known as the peanut gallery. Watch!

The White Man Is Why Female Toplessness Is Illegal

Watch this video here:   This is why we have rape victim blame, slut shaming and all these patriarchal attitudes in our culture: CAUSE OF THE WHITE MAN! Yeah, that’s right! I said IT! At the end, they are responsible for this, for sexualizing the female body, namely started in the name and pursuit of […]

Undercover Cop Across the Street From Me?

This was taken a while ago, last week to be precise, in which I spotted what appeared to be a cholo dressed in all black clothes…   Or was he?   I kinda suspected that he is an undercover cop. Why? It is because undercover cops speak with articulation, are intelligent (not saying cholos can […]

When Female Toplessness Collides with Rape Culture

A while back, a couple of weeks ago, I was sexually harassed by “Luke” here which you can see in the pictures and video below:   – Of Vortex Industries (3198 Airport Loop Drive # M, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Phone: (714) 434-8000, Basically, what happened was, while I was sitting down, topless, and minding my own business, […]

I Walked Around Topless In Venice Beach and In Downtown LA

Instead of just making a big hoopity hoop blah bah about “going topless” through a big ole event, I prefer to make a “big deal” by just doing every day ole “events” aka activities – going around, topless! No big deal instead of making breasts the exception BY making a BIG DEAL through marches, etc. […]