The TRUE Meaning of Real Femininity

Fuck that old outdated, misogynist definition of femininity. In this video below, I explain what TRUE FEMININITY IS which means connection to the Divine Source, the Divine Source Creator who is female and the Spirit Realm, hence why we as WOMBAN are known for our “intuitive powers”:

Menstrual Blood! The Elixir Of Life

Can you take a second and I guess what I am drinking here for a sec.: That’s right, fresh period juice mixed with urine (I find that when drinking blood it goes down rougher UNLESS you add urine into the mix and for flavor – with urine – it tastes better, too.). Yes, that’s right, […]

Bank of America Discriminates Against Topless Female and LAPD Called and the Unruh Act

Okay, see this shit I have talked about long before in the past and will continue to talk about NOW:   This is all about rape, rape victim blame and male domination of womyn’s and other femail’s (little girls) bodies for men’s reproductive benefit! As one of the male misogynist cops in this video expressed […]

The Rapist Mindset

 See this kinda – “sweet” looking guy right here: He left this message on my youtube yesterday regarding one of my topless videos where he had this to say (you can go ahead and read it and I will paraphrase it below): Anyways, basically what this neanderthal, black neanderthal at that, was saying was: “Because […]