White Supremacist Dick Demon DELIBERATELY Plays Love Songs Across From Me Then I Sing Him My Song And Shooting By SUV License Plate Number 8KYJ388

White Supremacist Dick Demon DELIBERATELY Plays Love Songs Across From Me Then I Sing Him My Song And Shooting By SUV License Plate Number 8KYJ388

That a weird meth’ed out looking ass dyck (since he wide 👉🏻⬜ Imma say clit) demon I’ve ever seen 👁👁👁

I thought I found ole boi today…..

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

After posting this on social media, the gangstalking crew came out……

I mean, knowing where I stand, WHY the fuck you are gonna come out and play fucking classic love songs – which I been playing while joyriding, and sit in an eerie spooky desolate area directly across from me…..

I can see bumping at the beach but why there – and across from me, like I don’t see what the fuck you’re doing 👁🃏 then play dumb which is why I just attack and don’t let these morons get a word in edgewise……

I know what the fuck you’re doing. I don’t need to hear anything else!

These mofos out here in Malibu are stupid.

I see 👁 thru my third eye these large sacrificial head with tentacles extending from it that is controlling another sacrificial head that is lighter (watch out for these archon deceptions) and then I see a man I sense and all these people trapped in a sort of bird cage that is in this dark dimension.

Just got rid of it 👍🏻

That explains the fervent gangstalking and obsession with my energy and these sacrificial heads are HARD to get rid of!

Now, remember this here…..

Astral Vision Shows A Serial Killer White Supremacist Is Going To Try To Kill Me

I caught the black suv that’s been staking me out in which I saw a couple with a syringe in hand who planned to stab me with it then take me to their place and rape me…..

Anyways here is their license plate (stupid mofo shoulda NEVER slowed down)…..

It is as said in the title above California license plate #8KYJ388

Just tonight I heard a gunshot and they were driving right up when I heard it. This is me chasing their ass……

– Now that I think about this this vehicle looks mad similar to the one in the “procession” that was celebrating my attack at the hands of that rapist so it makes sense that they would be into some shady sick shit too…..

Now that I think about it THESE PEOPLE were involved too…..

Here their license plate California license plate number 6BYN344

– From what I can tell it is a group of people, seems like it’s mostly comprised of homeless getting paid by rich folks to hunt other homeless, who like to stab other homeless folks and perhaps others with syringes and kill them, beat them up, etc. as I saw one with a wooden steak in his hand jabbing it into some homeless man’s head. Really evil foul fucking “people” if you can call them that!

You can look at that dude’s face above and see evil…..

No light or intelligence in that neanderthal looking ass ape at all……

Though I know the lights are different, I still wanted to assuage any possible feelings of guilt at a missed opportunity, I checked to see if this is the bear mace would be rapist…..

That said, I’m always 10 steps ahead of motherfuckers. You see what I see, you can’t get shit past me. I see thru you 👁 All of you.

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