Astral Vision Shows A Serial Killer White Supremacist Is Going To Try To Kill Me

Usually if I am “shown” this beforehand it’s going to get averted…..

Last night I had an EXTREMELY bothersome experience – aside from a drug addict/seller who moved “next door” on the grounds of the Department of Water And Power (that’s another vlog) – in which a crakkka in a bright red old truck had pulled up in front, shined his lights on my van, then yelled thru an intercom “wake up.” Before I could deservedly throw a rock at him – he took off with the the sheriffs right behind….

Imma make something clear – I don’t want anything to do with you satanic ass crakkkas and wetbacks and your toxic ass energy. Just stay the fuck away from me. I am in the DEEP throes of finding myself, going thru a sorta spiritual awakening and discovering my old childhood values. What you’ve seen in the past is not me. Given all the money my poor parents have put into me – my poor parents still work to this day – it hurts me that I am living up to my full potential. It hurts so much that I am crying right now. I hate the shit that’s been pulling me down. I seriously need to heal ALOT of parts of my energy body. Stay the FUCK away from me. I don’t want you opportunist ass predatory ass energy vampires around me! Stay the fuck away from me! I’m not your fucking pet! Stop projecting your bullshit on me: that’s YOUR fucking bullshit not mine, your lil racist sexually projecting hangups – just stay the fuck back!

I need to figure how to permanently break whatever Soul, spirit contracts that I’ve made with these evil ass entities…..

Just like as with last week when I was doing GREAT and was on the precipice of doing something MAJOR with magick that’s groundbreaking and then RIGHT after I got a SEVERE tooth infection and then this happened…..

These motherfuckers ALWAYS turn up the adversity RIGHT. WHEN. I am doing something groundbreaking or something that will help me break free of em….

Here is what I saw in the astralscape last night…..

I saw it was Halloweeen. I was parked in the forest where I’m usually parked. I saw the drug dude across the street and I saw he had left. Then a forest ranger came along to say I gotta move….

That is when I saw a maroon mercury sable parked in this abandoned parking lot where that farmhouse on the pch and Topanga is.

I got the sense that two guys were occupying it: an Italian dude with wonky eyes and another – I think he either mighta been a hispanic or black dude or white guy – I think he was a homeless, low self esteem slow white guy who was with em. They were staring at me while in the car like, “Look she got away.” I saw they use knives to do the business cause it is more personal and gives them power….

I then “heard” in the astral someone saying that two girls in Ohio – one 16 the other 17, white, had gone missing and they felt like it was the work of serial killers.

That is what I was told.

This was EXACTLY the car I saw…..

I wonder if it was this wetback creature who says he preys on black women cause if you follow his reddit profile it’s chokefull of demeaning comments about women – esp. black women – and how he likes to dominate women by luring women who can’t defend themselves, girls from poor homes (more than likely sex workers) and abusing them…..

I think this a serial killer profile…..

Wetback Demon Seed Creature From Hell On Reddit States He Sexually Preys on Young Black Women

I note he hates strong, self assured women….

I HATE how these evil entities ramp up psychic, spiritual attacks as I escape em. It is extremely and odiously fucked up that I am being trapped by this bullshit and I don’t deserve it.

I was a good kid, smart – still am. I hate that this shit around me wants to keep me STUCK, mired in muck and stuck with using ole nasty ass prostitution – which is beneath me, beneath my caliber and capabilities – as a way to make prostitution.

I’ve been doing pretty well with my Etsy business which you can use here:

So there are glimmers that I am breaking free. As I’m being attacked – it’s a lil hard right now to do spiritual healing for others, but I’m trying (just right now I removed a plethora of sacrificial heads from me and released all my Soul pieces from it).

That said, let me make it clear to you people out here: I’m trying to get back to who I truly am, what I used to be. I grew up middle class, upper middle class in New Orleans to a mom who was a nurse and my dad a cop! I didn’t grew up with trash. I went to private schools. Imma fight this shit that is literally trying to make my life hell and hook me up with trash that is beneath me. These things been leading me down a path of self destruction and public embarassment which I’ll be real about, acting in ways that are beneath me. Those sacrificial heads I sense guide the path of your life when they have your Soul piece in them and that was happening to me.

I gotta do better for my family. I love them. It killed me to know my brother was in hell due to being associated with me.

Ya’ll mofos in Malibu just stay the fuck away from me. I find ya’ll to be trash, exploitative, predatory with a strong STRONG satanic undercurrent to you all. You remind me of the evil ass archons that I am fighting: gitchy, clinging, and annoyingly bothersome like a gnat, like the drug addict/seller across the street……

….Something evil sent that….

You will NOT prey on me and treat me as a pet as you do these other lil homeless blacks (it’s not so bad now cause the blacks coming around now got a higher level of consciousness which I attracted) around here. I hear mofos yelling, “Leave” like I’m here for them. NO I AM HERE FOR ME! I AM HERE TO MAKE MY LIFE AND MY FAMILY! I can’t get over how thes pos’s TRASH think my every move, what I do is for them. The entitlement! I don’t even wanna TALK to you mofos cause it’ll create etheric chords between me and your toxic asses (but I’ll throw a ROCK 🪨 at your ass like the trash ya’ll are)…..

Forest Fire Breaks Out At Sunset Mesa on The PCH In Malibu

Stay the fuck away or else…..

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