Acknowledging The Truth Will Set You Free of Energy Blocks

Acknowledging The Truth Will Set You Free of Energy Blocks

I made an ephiphany while watching 13signsastrology on Youtube last night:


….That said, an old memory came back in which a teacher, a crakkka nun, embarassed me – and joined in on the taunting I faced from students and teachers alike – by criticising me for using “big words.”

That being said – I now realised – that had an energetic effect which led to energy blocks being inured for years because I didn’t really wanna delve into the truth of why that shit deeply bothered me on a Soul level.

It was a lot of making sense of and acknowledging outdated and unrealistic value systems I grew up with and the lack of recognition of who I truly am.

This is why I had a wild side and this is why alot of people have shadow selves that they have a hard time coming to terms with…..

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

It is also responsible for why I had an alkie-hole addiction that was getting almost to the point of being uncontrollable.

See, when I let her “feelings” come into me and perused thru deep Soul searching why her words bothered me, when I came to my ephiphany, this HUGE energetic block on my upper forehead mysteriously went away.

Here I was thinking it had to do with “reptilians”, “entity attachments” – and to an extent it was true (they crawl up in gouges and holes in your aura and settle in there) but I now know it was a lack of true inner Soul searching, and not being “real” with myself that led to my having these energetic attachments…..

Listen to the video as I explain more…..

BTW as in pertinence to my video here is how my mom had my hair back in the day…..

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