Shadow Man Hat Man And Yellow Eyed Entity Spotted IN My Car Plus Gangstalking By Other Homeless People



Here are some screenshots I took….

When you watch the video you will see some eerie yellow eyes blinking….

This happened not too long after I got gangstalked, initially by a white van (with a homeless couple living inside here)….


And that weird perverted mofo I have talked about here (I believe it was him)….


Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Here some more from early this morning….

This some degenerate stalking ass wetback I have seen before in a white truck (he will go to hell soon….)

While doing this video the sheriffs passed by but I don’t sense for anything negative….


NOW, I’VE SEEN this type of gangstalking where lone, random people just walk up and past me with no destination to go and no car from where you can see they came (if you wanna hike which this immediate area I am in is NOT a hiking area folks usually drive their cars into those inlet lil things to park THEN go hike and FURTHER UP is a hiking trail complete with a river) and this is one aspect of the gangstalking they do on the pch (when I would post on the pch they would say dumb shit and tho there would be ample parking spots where they would be at the beach they would park FAR where I couldn’t see em and that’s cause they didn’t want me to know their license plates so I could ‘woke em):


Here they are returning….


I wanna mention something too…. Throughout the night I kept hearing a rustling of leaves around me, accompanied by the nighttime sounds going “dark” for lack of a better word….

Now, I have a hooded entity – I don’t know if a demon, reptilian, guardian spirit – around me who I can hear, wherever I park, with a raspy soundibg voice making that sound….




You know – I now realise something. That entity is NOT good! I have astral projected before and, when I did, I recall flying up the PCH and everyone was wearing 18th century garb, including a Chinese couple I saw, and everyone knew me. Then a hispanic dude warned me, saying, “The King of Cups is coming” so I’ll jump back in my body.

Another time…. I was out of body for a moment and in jumped this white dude with a blonde hairstyle, spiked but curved, reminiscient of the early 00’s with a blue suit. Looked like he mighta worked in television. He jumped in my car and I sensed fear in him. I then saw a hooded being similar to the entity that be walking around my car and then I was forced back into my body.

It is a reptilian entity – I believe it’s name is Arithea (I recall an entity named TH accidentally revealing it’s name) that doesn’t want me to spiritually evolve (the finger I am using to write this is now inexplicably hurting).

That said, regarding this new entity that was creating the rustling leaves sound I saw one night was a white dude, possibly mid to late 30s, with a sorta 90s type hairstyle. He was in the form of a shadow. Let me tell you about him….

This guy was apparently a high class rapist who would rape numerous women while having sex with em – after they had said, “No”, and he filmed the acts he did against these women’s wills. One I saw was a beautiful brown haired woman who I think mighta been some film producer. Almost looked like Meg Foster:

But not by the eyes….

That being said, I was then in a library setting. I was there to meet up with a geeky computer looking dude with orangish hair and glasses who I believe had the dude’s tapes. It seemed like he gathered the evidence (he mighta worked for the PD looking to nail his serial raping ass). The rapist was using some incel shit to convince the dude to get rid of the evidence.

Then I woke up!

This figure, I recall, went as far as to put it’s finger thru my windows, trying to get in. I used my third eye to righteously send his ass back to hell and so he stays there now.

Now onto this hat man.

I’ve seen the yellow eyed entity before back in my old apartment:

I recall once – when my crown chakra AND third eye were fully open seeing entities that wearing wearing burqa style and kkk style outfits right outside my apartment with glowing white and red eyes.

I recall one of the “female” burqa wearing ones once removed her head garb and revealed her face. Later on I saw the same EXACT face on a LAPD officer.

I break down here the REAL occult origins of the burqa and kkk outfits here:

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

From what I understand those are necromancer magician demons.

I have also seen these jawas looking entities:

I recall when I first started getting away from the entities I instinctively KNEW were doing me harm such as Baron Samedi – back when I knew that the so called gods and goddesses were energy vampires designed to keep us ensnared and entrapped in the matrix – one of those hooded jawas looking entities grew huge and slapped me down!

That being said – the hat man! So many people have spoken about him. I have seen astral entities, wizards etc. (one is around me and it is malevolent and it seems to create images to scare me). I have been fucked with by the hat man (I now wonder if it is a creation of the wizard that follows – and harasses – me).

From my experience, I recall one time while walking in my old neighborhood he followed me around, creating evil creepy ass shit for me to see as I walked.

He, like the others – like beelzebub (who always made his appearance known via a bunch of bees or flies buzzing which is why I associate the sighting of bees with something evil coming up on the horizon) has a raspy voice. He is said to manifest around UFO sightings so given his association with ufos and my seeing him with reptilians and other matrix agents I believe it is some type of holographic entity contrived to keep people in line in the matrix, just like Agent Smith:

– Notice they both wear suits!

Given that people wore hoods in the past, I surmise that the hooded, robed beings are the Agent Smiths designed to mirror what people wore back in that time. They mainly go after those who are soulled beings with spiritual powers to suppress us.

This statement taken from a blog pretty much sums what we are up against:

Here is the rest of the blog (it is a great read):

And here:

I wanna end this as a warning for the Black Bugatti aka Black Bigot:

I wanna say that after he did that video calling out wetbacks for wanting to be like BLM with that spick and cspan Vanessa Gulligan’s Island whatever, Guillen….

I gotta say, WETBACKS CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SO CALLED MURDER AND ALLEGED RAPE OF THAT BITCH (good job to the black dude, white girl who ALLEGEDLY did it and praise be to the white guy who so called covered up her rape – like they can be raped!) when they do WORSE shit to their bitches given their cult-ure (of death) of machismo:

Talk about the so called femicides in Ciudad Juarez:

Or let’s talk about the femicides in Honduras were females are being murdered for as little as $60 a day (I sound like a fucking Save The Children commercial lol):

– Good, I say kill more.

Kill ALL wetback malez and femalez….

Anyways, ever since you exposed the wetbacks trying to piggyback off our hard won fights via black lives matter (here is the trajectory showing you calling the wetbacks OUT ?? up until you got your first gifted $20):

That said, let me warn you: I saw reptilians around you. I see the frustration in your eyes in trying to make it in the mainstream but you were not meant to break into the lamestream. That being said, cause you are a soulled individual, I see that you will be going on a spiritual journey some 10 to 15 years down the line – maybe even sooner! They are gathering around you like pigs at the trough to use you for their own agenda in which I see them draining you of your soul and having you do blood sacrifice, animal sacrifice, santeria shit. Don’t let them steer you in that direction.

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