LAPD Uses Fake Corona Virus Parking Restrictions To Discriminate Against Me In Violation of The Party of One Doctrine of The 14th Amendment

After moving up you can see those greasy mayate nigger cops looking to see if I moved and wasn’t watching their unfairness:

This was about me!

– They ought to go back to Ape-rica and patrol Ape-rica where they belong! ✊?

It more specifically falls under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment which prohibits discrimination based on just you being you, which applies to all my outcasts (so it is a good to know if you are being fucked with while not under a protected class such as class, gender, race or creed etc.).

I used to be able to see it EASILY when I first launched my lawsuit against the LAPD for being topless:

Now it is mad difficult but I guess it falls under State Action as can be seen here:

Google STAYS getting rid of shit that is important for people to know.

But proof lies in the vid:


PEOPLE ARE STILL PARKED THURR but LAPD ain’t enforcing shyte:


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