Solar Eclipse 2017 And The Big Consciousness Shift

I think THIS is what they talk about when they talk about the “rapture” which really = heightened level of consciousness, consciousness shift! I SWEAR while meditating (hell, throughout the entire duration of the three days, starting from when I had my 2ND PERIOD THIS MONTH after having a dream about “Beelzebub” using a gynecological […]

Is America Developing A Cult of Death Worship

I saw these at a 99 cents store recently:                                                       Here’s illuminati owl and bird (crow/Raven) imagery:                         […]

Spirits and Shadow People Caught On Camera

This is just SOOO obvious, I could not contain it: Here is the original pic: Here is another one taken a few minutes before where you can see something “forming”: Here is another one taken of a shadow entity. “Something” even told me to shoot in that direction (I had a cute biracial kid tell […]

Cute Crazy Eyed Cop Shows Up For BS Call

LOOK AT THIS NUGGA’S EYES…   Niggaz got crazy eyes, serial killer eyez…   After straightening that bitch out… I guess that entitled self absorbed BITCH WHO I TALK ABOUT HERE: decided to call the police as predicted… He was a very nice man and I recall him from my days of copwatching in […]

Meth Out Looking UK Bitch Gets Straightened Out For Being An Uppity Ugly Bully

THIS ONE UGLY BITCH!!! I THINK IT’S done seen the Meth-HEAD MAN WAYYYYY TOO MANY TIMES! THIS ONE UGLY BITCH: THIS UGLY PSYCHOTIC LOOKING FACED BRITISH BITCH – complete with fucked up teeth and all… – came to MY attention after I read her body language (I also noticed the cops came by earlier letting […]

BEST EVIDENCE of Shadow People or Lost Souls Ever Captured on Tape

Could this be an image of purgatory, a time loop, or simply what is known as “shadow people” traveling through… It is said that ghosts, entities can be seen above a certain light spectrum and in the case of cellphones and esp. in certain areas of strong spiritual energy AND with light (for certain entities […]

Stormfront Exposes Cover Up of Real News Google And The Lamestream Media Don’t Want You To See

That’s what they apparently did with #pizzagate which you can barely find any REAL links to any REAL outside sources outside the mainstream media due to Google censorship, but a few you can find here: Here another: and here, too (voat is a great source on this): Anyways, after checking on white […]