Stormfront Exposes Cover Up of Real News Google And The Lamestream Media Don’t Want You To See

That’s what they apparently did with #pizzagate which you can barely find any REAL links to any REAL outside sources outside the mainstream media due to Google censorship, but a few you can find here: Here another: and here, too (voat is a great source on this):

Anyways, after checking on white nationalist, supremacist site regarding the Charlotte, NC, Charlottesville, VA race (illuminati, George Soros sponsored both Alt Right and extreme Alt Left) riots,, which has been around for eons (I used to read em a loooong time ago back in 2001 to 2002) and is literally FESTERING, TROLLING WITH FBI, CIA AGENTS TO THE POINT WHERE I DON’T KNOW WHY ANY REAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS WOULD WANNA BE ON THAT MOFO, I CAME ACROSS A STARTLING FIND:

Basically, from what they’re saying, there was a story of a DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Detective/ Police Officer out in the L.A. area at LAX Airport near El Segundo named Pierre Alphonese Romain had murdered a young woman by the name of Jade Maurice Clark in 1987 (I was 4 at the time!!!). ANYWAYS, THEY NOTE, JUST AS WHAT HAPPENED HERE: THEY SCRUBBED ALL REFERENCE TO THE CASE IN THE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE, REAL FAKE NEWZ MEDIA OUTLETS AND SO FORTH which brings to attention how alor of references to #pizzagate written by legit, non mainstream (lamestream) media outlets have been largely removed by Google. There are plenty of cops OF ALL COLORS whose names get plastered in the media when they get arrested so WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO LOSE/ WHAT ARE THEY HIDING BY HIDING THIS???

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