These mofos are REALLY out to get me. Anyways, I explain here (it is hard for me to recount her cause it is just too painful…):

Fuck it, I’m gonna do it anyways. ANYWAYS, if you are wondering about my absence for about a week (close to two since I was released from jail last week), I was held at Lynwood County Jail for allegedly using a “deadly weapon” in which the alleged “weapon” was PEPPER SPRAY (I TOLD YOU THESE MOFOS ARE OUT TO GET ME cause pepper spray are NON lethal weapons deployed by “peace” officers when they DON’T want to use FATAL WEAPONS like guns) against the people at an artists’ loft who were participants in an ASSAULT AND ROBBERY AGAINST ME BACK IN NOV OF 2016 (I filed a police report which you can see down below) and I NEVER got justice in that case.

I knew I wouldn’t from the get go. Here is why (and this is super duper painful to recount and talk about with all the shit going on). Basically, I was attacked at an artist loft in Nov. 6 of 2016 (or I think it was the 5th.). Anyways, a big black bitch (Here are pics of her – shes the big black scantily dressed girl and I believe she lives in Orange County – I’m gonna find out) in which she grabbed me by the hair, spun me to the ground (I feel out of jealousy) and repeatedly punched me in the face from what I can recall.


It’s the half naked girl who attacked me. I think her name is “Elizabeth.”

Here is another pic of what I think is her:


This bitch IZ crazy!

Here is another one – the lil black bitch – ALL HOOKERS:

I found out they were HOOKERS cause right after the incident they were taunting me on instagram by following me on their and I checked their profile and found out what they do which is KINDA DON’T LIKE HOOKERS (most are sleazy and untrustworthy!). Then another lil tiny black bitch at one (I think she is in the pic above) punched me repeatedly (I was intoxicated so it fucks up your response time) and then another little NIGGER came up, choked me, punched me in the face from what I can recall and stole my cellphone out my hand (this constitues robbery and you will see how this factors in later on). I recall the cops coming, it was two officers from what I can recall – Valenzuela (Badge no. 40505) and Munoz (Badge No. 40493) of the Central Division. I recall a BLACK NIGGER BITCH SECURITY GUARD (THAT’S WHY I DON’T WANNA HEAR THAT PRO BLACK SHIT) WARNED THOSE PEOPLE AS THEY WERE COMING IN THAT I HAD CALLED THE COPS. Here is the address:

443 S. San Pedro St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Here is the GHETTO ASS MANAGEMENT COMPANY , SCOTT PROPERTIES, that runs it and LET’S DRUG DEALERS STAY THERE (proof of you can see here: http://toplessinla.org/2014/05/10/lapd-called-on-me-for-walking-around-topless-by-irate-neighbor/ AND TWEAKER ASS MANAGERS LIKE THE ON SITE MANAGER, ANDRE STAY THERE!

Scott Properties:

11300 W Olympic Blvd

Ste 770

Los Angeles, CA 90064

 Phone number: (310) 444-7900

You can read their GLORIOUS (glorious-ly BAD) Yelp reviews right here: https://m.yelp.com/biz/scott-properties-los-angeles

Anyways, I recall that night when one of the officers showed up he started telling that nigger BITCH security guard that from what I can best recall that “I am a weirdo” and that “I believe in aliens,” etc. NONE OF WHICH HAS OR HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE INVESTIGATION, personal shit like they know all about me and watch me and keep logs of me, etc. That said, that shit is in violation of Marcy’s Law and I have more to tell later.

Anyways, at one point when the participants in my brutal assault and robbery returned I went to the Central Division to tell the LAPD about this. The POS “watch commander” – I PRAY he dies a horrible fucking death and has his tongue and dick cut off and ripped out – Sgt. Solis pictured below:

told me that they can’t go back with me and that they needed the permission of the people who PARTICIPATED IN MY ASSAULT AND ROBBERY to get permission so they can enter and “arrest” them. I knew I was NOT gonna get justice! That said, when I looked at the report they listesmd it as simple assault (I had cuts and scars to prove it and that would usually cause it to be constituted as FELONY BATTERY but because the cops refused to investigate and do anything it was deliberately allowed to fall to the wayside cause THEY KNEW THEY WERE NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING!!! I re at one point when I voiced my frustration with how they weren’t doing chit Sgt. Solis HAD THE AUDACITY TO GET INDIGNANTLY UPSET CAUSE I CALLED HIM OUT ON HIS SHIT AND HAD THE NERVE TO SAY “HOW DARE I ATTACK COPS” WHEN I SAID WHAT I SAID CAUSE THEY WERE TREATING ME SOOO WRONG! I recall – too- they REFUSED to take pictures despite protocol.

     That said, the next day I requested a civil standby so I can get some of my belongings. I recall seeing Sergeant Kouvelis there who in a way helped me cause THE OTHER COPS WERE NOT GOING TO HELP ME GET A POLICE OFFICER TO PERFORM A CIVIL STANDBY FOR ME. That said, I recall going BACK to the place to get some of my belongings with my friend. After I was done (they made my best friend stay in the lobby), I recall Sgt. Kouvelis and the other cops stayed behind. Next thing I know a werk later I received a barrage of texts from Yesenia Medrano (she also goes by Yesenia Rodriguez and here she is pictured below):

This girl looked drugged up and she say she is “22” but looks 42. I saw them do drugs all the time here and I mean HARD SHYTE and I GOT PROOF to show it! Drugs will do this to ya…

Saying that the cops “Have a history with me”, calling me a “methhead” and alcoholic and talking about the porn and reality shows I did – THINGS SHE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT BEFORE THE COPS CAME THAT DAY TO DO THE CIVIL STANDBY! Here are the texts:

She didn’t know about Bret Michaels before. It was only when the COPS showed up lead by Sgt. Kouvelis did she say these things…
More evidence the cops will divulge bits of my personal past to harm me in investigations/ incidents involving me.

More evidence the cops will divulge bits of my personal past to harm me in investigations/ incidents involving me.

That said I find it interesting that Sgt. Kouvelis happened to be there and he was one of the cops who worked the Wilshire beat in my old neighborhood of Miracle Mile. He was also instrumental in helping me with my topless rights thing which you can read here: http://toplessinla.org/2014/05/10/lapd-called-on-me-for-walking-around-topless-by-irate-neighbor/

Also Howard Leslie who was the old captain in Miracle Mile’s wilshire division was the new captain over there, too, which I find interesting…

That said I recall a week later when I called the detective’s bureau over there to check up on the status of my case I recall overhearing one of the detectives refer to me as “that tramp” when another detective asked about the status of my case. I tried to call Internal Affairs to report it but they refused to take a complaint and never got back to me!

That said I recall going back in December of 2016 to get the rest of my belongings. Afterwards that is when shyte REALLY hit the fan after that!

The day before I was arrested on Jan. 20, 2017 (Trump’s birthday) I received a phone call from a detective to ostensibly talk about my case I filed in January which you can hear in the message below that I had filed in Nov. (it was really so they could get me for allegedly committing “assault with a ‘deadly weapon'” as filed by Yesenia Medrano [or Rodriguez] and now that I think of it – it reminds me of a ‘vision’ I had of cops calling me into a station to ostensibly talk about my case and I recall fleeing cause it was a ruse and I went on the run cause they were trying to kill me):

 For some strange reason now I can’t find it but here is a recird of said call…

Then on January 20, 2017 – the day of Trump’s inauguration – I got picked, up, downtown, by two LAPD officers – Officer Lei and this bastard named “Silva” who LOVES taking screenshots of female drivers’ info and posting it online as you can READ HERE: http://toplessinla.org/2017/03/21/lapd-officer-domingo-silva-illegally-uses-lapd-computer-to-stalk-women/

Next thing I knew these bastards brought me downtown to talk to said “detective” – they said his name was “Popp” but later I found out it was Detective Smeyt or Smey. I recall they had me in they had me in the holding tank and I recall one of em saying that they had an “internal wanted” poster for me. As I was being lead out in handcuffs, Detective “Popp” told them to “stop” so he can get a good look at me! That is when I was driven to the station.

When I got to the jail station I saw the “wanted poster”: They used a ten year old photo of when I wore blue contacts and a weave (how creepy?) even though they have more current photos of me due to their selective enforcement. They said the INTERNAL “wanted poster” had been put since December 2016. These fuckers been known where I was: in my bombed out as car caused by an accident that happened right after this incident when I became homeless. I even once saw “detectibe popp” with a young dude drive right past me in their raggedy car as I was filming in my car back in December at night even as I had a light shone on my face while filming with my cellphone. Now that I think about it… while staying at a jail after reporting an assault by a former friend I recall oveehearing officers at another station talk about the wanted poster with one saying: “I bet you’d get a staph infection fucking her now.” Anyways, while in jail at the downtown LA LAPD jail I recall being transfered to Lynwood cause of my attempting to commit suicide (you would TOO if you were in my shoes) AND cause I didn’t trust these mofos given what was going on… so they transferred me to Lynwood county jail where I was brought in due to their hospital. I also wanted to say as well while at the LAPD station as I looked under the suicide room’s door (I was kept naked with cameras in there where dudes can see AND the window was kept open) I recall seeing – AND I SWEAR – a bluelight ray – almost sky blue – in which shadows were fleeing under it, as if Archangel Michael was letting me know “You will be alright.” I feel this was destiny…

That said, while at Lynwood, I waited to go before the judge. There is something called “Time over REIT” which states that “you must see a judge within 72 hours. If not, YOU MUST BE RELEASED!” That said, when they brought me in – it wasn’t even for the “assault with a deadly weapon” charge but stupid shit like 415 pc and a vandalism case – 594pc – which shows the extent of their crookedness as – according to either case or procedural law – if two years has passed then you do not have to pay victim restitution! That said, as to why they brought up this charge is beyond me. It also runs in tandem with a long line of selective enforcement which LAPD had been committing against me since 2010 (around that time which you can read about here): http://toplessinla.org/2015/08/20/attacked-by-new-millennium-barbershop-employees-in-los-angeles-and-selective-enforcement-by-lapd/

Anyways when I went before the judge the first day it was for those bullshit charges… then I went in there a second time – the next day – and the reason listed was something called “parole violation” WHICH DOES NOT MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE cause I never had a felony or been to prison. When I went back it was for those same bs misdemeanor charges. Here is the charge below (this figures later on cause you will see how fucked up this all is when they say the charges were filed in April 28, 2017 even though you can apparently see when I was brought in for this charge down below which was January 20, 2017):



I wanna say before I was released I overheard two sheriffs’ deputies talk about how the LAPD were planning on filing a “subpoena deuces tecum” to force the “victims” to show up in court. That’s how bad the LAPD wants me! Now, when I was released (they shoulda released me that first time when the so called “victims” did not show up), I recall almost losing my bed at the shelter I was staying at (cause of all of this) since if you are gone for two consecutive days it’s a wrap. Back at the shelter I received harassing twitter messages from the people at that loft – one of whom I think might be a cop and another one – the so called “victim” named Amir Sanders aka “Goth Papi” – which you can see below:

This bitch might be a coo. The dude she with LOOKS LIKE ONE!

Look at the wrist collar and tell me that don’t look like an LAPD uniform:

Here is one of the so called “victims” – Amir Sanders aka “Goth Papi” – harassing me (if you are really a victim no way you would be fucking with and taunting the so called “perp”):

Here are some other people TAUNTING ME TO COME BACK TO THE PLACE:

Anyways, I thought this was the end but I see now these mofos are REALLY OUT TO GET ME…

On March 29, 2017, I got picked up by the Lost Hills Sheriffs in Malibu (the irony is not lost that Mitrice Richardson – a black woman who went missing and subsequently turned up dead out there – also stayed at the same station which you can read about here: http://toplessinla.org/2014/08/28/what-happened-to-mitrice-richardson/) and was held cause of “warrants” and for public intoxication, one of which was for the so called “assault with a deadly weapon” charge. While there – in noncomplicance with their policies… the phone WAS NOT WORKING and THERE WAS NO RUNNING WATER IN THE CELLS (later on I learned you had to push extremely hard to get the water working on said fountains which no reasonable person would know). While there, I was one of two black women there (no white chicks there and I heard the sheriffs themselves will pay to send them and white boyz home by getting them a cab and even a motel room to stay at for the night while they sober up). A BLACK BITCH SHERIFF’S DEPUTY WHOSE NAME WAS “DOSS” – THIS IS WHY I LIKE TOMMY SOTOMAYOR CAUSE HE CALLS THOSE HOES OUT AND ALL MY LIFE I’VE BEEN RUN OVER – LIKE SO MAMY BLACK MEN – BY NUGGA BITCHES – DELIBERATELY  KEPT MY PHONE ON SO WHEN I GOT OUT I COULDN’T MAKE PHONE CALLS (before you say, “Yo mama black!” SHE CREOLE, BITCH, AND PRETTY you old sociopathic mean evil bitches). Anyways, I was transported to Lynwood County jail. While held there I was dirty, couldn’t take a shower (I was on my period at one point, too). Anyways, this case gets more interesting. I was held there for ten days. One interesting thing to note is that – remember the 594pc vandalism that they brought me in there for back in January 20, 2017? Well, even though I showed up for court for that stemming back in January 20, 2017, THEY REISSUED A WARRANT FOR THAT THIS TIME AS WELL WHICH DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE AND YOU CAN VIEW THE PAPERWORK ON THIS BELOW:



Now here is what is FURTHER weird about this case: Okay, I already appeared for this case which can be seen in the document below which was back in January 20, 2017:



Also, note how the January 20, 2017 “pink sheet” list it as a “felony” while the white sheet pertaining to this case which you will see FURTHER BELOW lists it as a MISDEMEANOR (represented by “MISD” and notice there are TWO FUCKING COUNTS OF 22810 (G) (1) – LIKE HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE – WHILE THE OTHER ONE IS 294PC – A FELONY)!!!

Now look at the documents below: WHY DOES IT SAY THIS CASE WAS FILED ON APRIL 28, 2017? WHY DOES IT SAY MY ARRAIGNMENT WAS FOR MAY 25, 2017 AND THAT AN ARREST WARRANT WAS FILED AROUND THAT TIME? The LAPD KNOW I don’t live at that address so how could I have been notified? Also, usually the first time around if the “victims” don’t show up the case gets dropoed and it becomes a “DA reject.” Even another public defender said this looks “fishy.” When I looked at my public defender – in the eye – in this case and asked why it wasn’t a “DA reject” since the so called “victims” DID NOT SHOW UP IN COURT, the city attorney COULD NOT LOOK ME IN THE EYE…

Now another fishy fact is that I SWEAR the ticket for my dui (which I recall being blue) said I was due in court on JUNE 26, 2017! Why did this people issue a warrant for my arrest IN MAY, 2017 and when I returned to my car – THAT TICKET WAS MISSING WHICH SHOWED THE ACTUAL DATE WHEN I WAS DUE IN COURT!

Also, while in court and you can read the documents above – when they brought me to court on this “assault with a deadly weapon” charge in June 2, 2017 – when I pled “not guilty” and tried to represent myself – explain why these people then proceeded to try to hold me IN JAIL UNTIL JUNE 16, 2017??? It was only when I pleaded – like Katniss Everdeen – for “representation” that I was allowed to come back at an earlier date the following Monday. When I pled “not guilty” they refused to release me on my own recognizance. It was only when I pled “no contest” was I released.

That said, these mofos ARE OUT TO GET ME! This ain’t no dream or my imagination but THIS SHIT IS REAL and I fear IT’S GONNA GET WORSE (this shit’s straight crooked). That said this reminds me of a “vision” my best friend had pf me awhile back: she saw me lying in a field, dead and naked. She recalled the LAPD holding a press conference in which Chief Charlie Beck stated that I was found dead and that “heroin” could be the culprit. Alot of people from youtube were asking questions about me since I had gone missing (I just got a flash now it would be for a month and I am gettong visions as I now type this). I recall alot of people thinking that the cops had something to do with it and rightfully so. That said I HAD a vision in which I was brought down to the police station to meet with detectives (this kinda happened) to ostensibly work on a case I had filed to provide “new information.” Tgat said, I remember getting the distinct feeling that they were COMING AFTER ME and that is when I went “on the run” and went practically underground. I remember being homeless (which I am now but wasn’t back then in 2014). I remember staying with this bald headed cholo gangster Mexican dude who had a banging party. I remember waking up (I don’t think I drunk) and having the distinct feeling I had been raped. I felt helpless and felt I had NOWHERE TO TURN OR RUN TO cause the cops were after me so where can I run to… That said, I remember opening up the cholo’s door and I saw a police officer in a car waiting outside like they were “tracking me”….

That said, I couldn’t see how this vision could materialize into reality but given the corruption I am facing now I can TOTALLY see it becoming a reality…

THIS JUST IN: THESE CROOKED MOFOS REMOVED THE ENTIRE CASE FROM THE SYSTEM AFTER I POSTED THIS BLOG (I TALK MORE INDEPTH ABOUT IT HERE: http://toplessinla.org/2017/06/27/lapd-now-covers-their-crooked-tracks-by-removing-illegitimate-case-against-copwatcher-from-the-system/)

Watch the video to see what I mean…

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