LAPD Steals Homeless People’s Stuff By Destroying Homeless Encampment

I didn’t have time to listen to that bitch’s BULLSHIT…

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She claimed they gave those people a 72 hour notice but if you watch the vid below the guy say they DIDN’T!

I warn some other folks beforehand about LAPD coming to get them.

I think it might be that Santilini bitch, I forgot her last name, who fucked with me back in 2013 and threatened to TAKE ME TO JAIL FOR DEFENDING (I SWEAR these cops are straight PREDATOR ENABLERS) MYSELF FROM A NIGGA WHO WAS SEXUALLY HARASSING ME…

Anyways, this is just further indicative of the War Against The Homeless and all the fucked up shit the state who are supposed to be helping these people are doing…

Fucking shame! These people already ain’t got a place to live so why take the lil possessions of theirs they got?

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