LAPD Has CPS Steal Black Woman’s Kids From Her Because She’s Homeless

This is a fucking shame and it is cold hearted evil…

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Imagine you give birth AFTER NINE FUCKING MONTHS and go through all that excruciating pain just to have someone STEAL YOUR KIDS FOR BEING HOMELESS!!!

They don’t provide social programs (the ones they have are BULLSHIT and nothing more than profit revenue generating centres) to REALLY help the homeless (other countries – even “poor” ones like Cuba – make sure their people have the basic necessities like food and housing, etc.) yet they pull SHIT LIKE THIS (I almost feel it was by design) so I guess if you follow #pizzagate they can steal then TRAFFIC AND MURDER THESE GAMES! With the epidemic of CPS stealing kids FOR BULLSHIT, ARBITRARY REASONS I have no doubt this is the reason WHY this shit is happening along with criminalizing the homeless just for being homeless which is for another blog…

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