LAPD Harass Visionary So Called Schizophrenic Kid

LAPD Harass Visionary So Called Schizophrenic Kid

*To note, the funny thing is I ran into a MEXICAN MAN with electric blue eyes earlier that day too (you can see him here: who was part of the “clean up crew” eradicating or in other words STEALING homeless people’s SOLE POSSESSIONS, further dehumanizing them. That said how ironic this spiritual HOMELESS young man had the same type of eyes (a truly rare eye color). I wonder what is the spiritual significance of that…


In a smarter society, elders would be able to teach this young man how to HONE HIS GIFT cause he does have a gift: the gift of spiritual – TRUE SPIRITUAL AND NOT THAT NEW CAGE BS (as the veritas entrepreneur here on youtube calls it: – cognizance as he is becoming a “medium” for spirits or what many would call a “psychic” who for now has UNFILTERED visions and entities coming to him…

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I don’t like to use the term “schizophrenic” because – to me – what is the difference between a “schizophrenic” who says they “see and hear” things (ie spirits) vs a psychic who says the same (bet that’s where the term “PSYCH-o” comes from). Anyway, I caught this LAPD ASSHAT (he looks familiar tho. like a former senior lead officer in Miracle Mile) making fun of this kid and telling him I guess to “fuck off” out the park since they like fucking with homeless people! I noticed when I spoke with him he “followed me” for a while telling me that A SPIRIT told him he needed to “hit” a record studio – a common dilemma many spiritual people like myself face when wondering whether to take advice on a spirit by finding out whether it has our “good or best interest.” Said spirit DID NOT help him or exactly HOW TO DO IT so I would say this is a BAD SPIRIT (that is how you discern a “bad spirit” vs a “good spirit”.). Many people commonly face this dilemma when experiencing a TRUE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: not all disembodied voices are “bad.” For instance, I heard of a guy who had a “voice” that would help him make the RIGHT decisions on the stock market. Then you hear of the common BAD spirits who tell you to do things nonconsensually against people’s wills or to harm themselves by cutting, killing themselves, etc. A while back (and to some extent even now) I would have strong inclinations through intuition (the way my spirits communicate to me) to “offer a sacrifice” by DRINKING TO EXCESS ON CERTAIN NIGHTS! Even though some served a purpose as to my destiny, some of it was harmful. We have both demons and angels all the time by our sides:

…So how do we discern WHICH ONE is guiding us towards our destiny/ life path (cause our lives CAN’T be roses alll the time…) and which ones are leading us astray?


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