This Is Why You Can’t Do Spiritual Work For Everybody

This Is Why You Can’t Do Spiritual Work For Everybody


You can also read HERE for a more extensive insight into it:

Anywayz, here is the SHIT I been going thru OVER THE COURSE OF A WEEK (and even now) trying to SELFLESSLY and free of charge help a mofo who wasn’t being upfront with me FROM THE JUMP WHILE BATTLING WITH MY OWN SHIT:

Thank goodness I am a HANDYWOMAN:

RIGHT after trying to do a prayer to Archangel Michael was able to remove the driver side door panel and just “tapped” it with my pipe wrench and that got her working RIGHT SOON AFTER):


– At one point I threw out the AA symbol emblem AND BOOKLET (for a hot minute) and that didn’t solve it! What solved it was RECOGNIZING WJERE THE TRUE ISSUE LIES: See we think we can blindly pick on others’ issues here but fact is even if we CAN take on their issues we must know THE ENTIRE SITUATION!

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– That person was NOT BEING UPFRONT: Basically I learned from another spiritual worker that this guy was a “swindler” who had used people for money and burned bridges with people. He actually MADE A DEAL with some freemasons, claiming they “foresaw he would be wealthy as a result of opening up his chakras” (they were probably gonna give him those abilities so they can get the money) and AT THE LAST MINUTE, RENEGED ON IT! I kinda sensed THIS POS was a swindler myself as I break it down here:

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Basically what happened is I myself in the past got a whiff of his REEAL personality when – after helping THIS BUM (spiritually) while living in a homeless shelter at the time and going to bat, when we thought I had got rid of it ONCE AND FOR ALL, this bastard just gave an unappreciative “thank you” – no enthusiastic offers for money (though I helped him for free SELFLESSLY) and a dismissal like he did not care what I did for him. THEN IT CAME BACK (GOOD!). In another instance, a manipulative spiritual worker who must of told him I “put something on him” because next thing I know AFTER ALL THE HELP I OFFERED (the lady was charging him) HE CAME BACK AND ACCUSED ME OF “PUTTING SOME STUFF ON HIM”, CLAIMING THAT SHE SAID THAT SHE SAW A WOMAN WITH “SNAKES IN HER WOMB” OR SOMETHING TO THAT EFFECT implying THAT DESPITE MY TRYING TO HELP THIS NUGGA, HE BLAMED ME FOR HIS SHIT! THEN HE WAS THANKING ANOTHER LADY FOR “HELPING HIM OUT” DESPITE ALL THE WORK I PUT IN TO HELP HIM- SELFLESSLY – FOR FREE! THEN to add insult to injury this mofo asked me to use MY POWERS TO HELP HIM WIN THE LOTTERY! This a cheating ass mofo who deserves his FATE and I can’t blame whoever initially put the curse on him! This bastard’s name is WILLIAM HOOD and the mofo deserves to and I will even go as far as to say this DIE (I honestly don’t want anybody dying but I will say that I SAID THAT OUT OF PURE DISGUST with him for what he did to me and others as well though I am not perfect)! HONESTLY I PRAY THAT HE SEES THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS SO THAT HE BREAKS FREE FROM THAT BS CAUSE NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THAT UNLESS THEY DID SOME REAL SERIOUS BS!!! Personally as one person I know saw in a vision of him said that it is up to him to solve it (in the vision the friend saw a tree he was enwrapped in with these entities and as it was being cut down, he would “embrace” the bs again!

That said, as a spiritual worker, be careful who you help out! I already have ENOUGH to deal with spiritual attacks coming from the LAPD (which I will do posts soon on) and so – thankfully, because of heavenly protection from my ancestors, spirit guides, deities (all praise be to Ra/ Horus), and my Archangels (praise be to Mighty Kek – just playing – that is an ancient Egyptian deity btw.), Archangel Tzadkiel and Archangel Uriel (Ariel, the name of my former little turtle), I would be WITHOUT spiritual royal protection and thus – fucked!

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