Topless Female Copwatches 16 LAPD and LAFD Officers For One Sick Male

This one was funny and showed my “quirky” side like most of em:

I caught a bunch of cops – while trying to check out me of course 😉 – stand there and try to help while fending off the “advances” of a gentleman – meaning advances in him trying to KICK THEIR ASSES THAT IS 😉 LOL! Anyways, I caught these cops trying to fend off this supposedly “infirm” male who they couldn’t keep down and needed the aid and abetment of a 15 strong male army unit to fend this black homeless man off from em – trying to attack em – all the while they were trying to help him 😉 so sad and so funny (against the LAPD that is) all the while that they were healthy males (LAPD and LAFD that is) but they couldn’t take down this one unhealthy, homeless, sick male, so sad! Too funny, too!

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