I Now Realize That I Am Under Heavy Demonic Oppression And My Life Is In Danger

I Now Realize That I Am Under Heavy Demonic Oppression And My Life Is In Danger

The evidence in the face of how this demonic oppression is literally killing me.

This is how I looked a year ago:

Vs now:

I didn’t realize how dire my situation was was till tonight:

A very nice person sent their Higher Selves to defend me and protect me and my timelines as mentioned here:

My Timeline Got Stolen On August 21 2022

That said the astral parasites you see here, Barbara the Roach Queen, Gooru 5 and Rosie the Roach Queen (Barbara The Roach Queen and Rosie the Roach Queen can alternate, looking like the second picture):

Along with this demonic entity who I believe is the same demonic entity that had attached itself to me when I was a kid, 15 years old, back in high school when I called myself a “satanist” who is either this demon that parades itself as an angel of light named “Archangel Michael” who was even told to me by a tarot reader long ago, a shapeshifting demonic insectoid:

Warning of An EVIL Entity Parading Itself As “Archangel Michael” In The Astral Plane

His face looks like this:

This is his real form:

….Attacked THE LIVING SHIT out of the Higher Self, and the even the guy who sent him, for trying to protect me and help me out!

That said at the end of the attack the entities told me that they don’t want me to get shit in life: they want me to die on the streets, stay schizophrenic, have no money until I sign a Soul contract, which they say they will automatically kill me once I sign.

They said I was meant to be a sacrifice for these people here:

David Reina who parades as “Gooru” in the second pic:

He tried to steal my Soul back in 2014:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

Barbara Reina, pictured here:

I believe this is her, but I heard from those entities that she is a client of Barbara’s who paid alot of money to have me killed….

And this person here who controls the sadistic “Archangel Michael” who looks like this guy here:

He looks like either this guy here…..

Or this guy here…..

He called me from this 805-323-8520…..

They have some weird setup that when they are about to do something they will call me up as they have done in the past……

When they kill a person, from what I understand they place the person in an entity attachment made to look like a person’s consciousness so they can energy vampire off of and feed off of them. They look like this:

That said these things have gone as far as to put me under HEAVY demonic oppression, stealing my timelines, saying that they will keep me under heavy social and financial oppression, saying that I will have to scrounge for pennies till I sign a Soul contract:

My Timeline Got Stolen On August 21 2022

They gave my timelines to this woman named “Rosie” who signed a Soul contract along with other people…..

They have gone as far as oppressing the shit in the astral realm out my ancestors and assigning “allies” like “Pallet Numbre” here who was eating my ancestors and feeding off of them in the astral plane:

And this entity created from the Hat Man called “Eden”, who worked to attack my parents and ancestors when that Michael O Terrence up there was attacking them:

She alternates between looking like my Higher Self:

She along with Pallet Numbre had my poor family’s Souls and ancestors stuck in their realm, sucking their lifeforces dry, feeding off of them.

It seems these things come from realms of sacrifices, where they sacrifice people and torment them to feed off of them.

I have been fighting these things for quite some time and I am getting close – though it is tricky – to eliminating them.

They are consciousness eaters and they like to eat folks’ consciousnesses so they can ultimately control what you do and say, like a zombie:

I found out that they have eaten up – and become – the areas of my consciousness on my crown chakra where my timelines reside so that they can control that and stay attached to me…..

Just tonight they took control of my consciousness block which you can see here that allows them to have full control – and possession – of my mind and they were causing me to see evil apparitions such as demons and gigantic cockroaches……

This is how full blown possession happens….

That said as said before these evil things come from realms of sacrifice, where they sacrifice people and their end goal – as they keep telling me by telling me that I was never meant to make it out of jail – is to kill me butz because according to them I am spiritually powerful – and due to my pact with God – they can’t.

They have placed me and my ancestors in the consciousness (or mouth) of Pallet Numbre who resides in the roach realms (I believe in the Intranquil Realm):

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

They keep trying to pressure me into a Soul contract which, in their own words, will allow them to kill me and take my Soul to a hellish realm.

When you see me in the astral realm – they have done switched up my Soul with the Soul pieces of others so no one can find me – you will see all sorts of blocks, entity attachments like bricks designed to keep me from succeeding and being able to get past this demonic oppression I am under.

These things have gone as far as to kill off (or cut off) my access to my REAL Higher Selves so they can have access to me to torment the hell out of me so that they can kill me.

Not just that they have taken what thry told me to be “Higher Selves” and converted them into mindless robots they put me in Soul contracts that goes against my Divine Purpose.

They have even led me to and created false “Higher Selves” like Pallet Numbre and a possessing evil spirit (meant to take my place) derived from the spirit of the Hat Man named “Eden” that only hurt me and my ancestors as witnessed today and tonight when these things orchestrated an attack on me by a mentally ill woman and how Eden attacked my family after I was being psychically attacked by one of these things’ “clients” named Michael O’ Terrence:


It seems their “clients'” intent is to get folks under their demonic oppression to sign Soul contracts so they can energy harvest off of you and use your gifts and take your blessings and/or kill you as what is happening to me.

They have an obsession with making me and my folks “intranquil” cause it brings you closer to death, so they can take your Soul.

They also have an obsession with mixing my consciousness with others and stealing it/giving it to their “clients” so that it will be easier to manipulate me, lose my ability to fight them by having no control over my brain whatsoever, and disguise me in the astral plane so I can’t get help.

They have stolen my timelines – and body after killing me in my sleep going back to August 21, 2022 – and given them to one such “client” named Rosie, who looks like these two ladies, here:

They have taken my ancestors, created entity attachments of them, cause them harm then make them feel like I am the culprit cause I can’t help them (I am really overwhelmed), and even stolen them from me (I was told they do this so when you die your real ancestors – these are fascimilies in your mind, your inner world – can’t find you in the astral plane and help you).

These entities – and the dark, dark magicians who work with them – are extremely manipulative, very strategic, very sadistic and have been using my power as well as countless others to destroy whole timelines and bloodlines, as was done to me.

I gotta get rid of these things before it is too late.

That said, don’t make deals with these motherfuckers…..

Don’t make any Soul contracts, have any dealings with em and esp things like these from this realm, the roach realm:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

On days when I am about to get help, they like to come and befriend me and manipulate me so that I can’t get real help and keep me trapped, and the way they have me trapped is extreme:

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

How These Astral Parasites Are And Why They Are So Hard To Take Down

I hope to get out of this soon.

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