Should I Get Rid of My Consciousness?

Should I Get Rid of My Consciousness?

The other night I found out that quite possibly a deal – a Soul contract – was struck between me and David Reina aka Gooru between my Higher Self (whom they long destroyed and got rid of) and David Reina in exchange for my getting my consciousness back, which I long coveted, but unwittingly as I thought I was making a deal with Satan and not this fool:

Thinking back this fucker was fucking with me – my money mainly – before this….

That said, should I give up my consciousness to that fool as he is asking?

I found out that he, “Gooru”, will supposedly leave me alone – him and them astral parasites that look like this:

Crazy cause I saw these things back in the day…..

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

….That said I found out when me and a group were connected to each other by these astral parasites via chords connecting us to the subconscious, which David and Barbara Reina use to steal people’s credit card information and hack into their bank accounts…..

Barbara Reina quite possibly.

How she looks astrally and quite possibly in real life….

this info.

Should I give up my consciousness to flee this curse? What would you do?

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