Do NOT Make Deals With These Entities

Do NOT Make Deals With These Entities

I find that magnesium tablets set the stage for running these things off…..

They come from the “Roach Realm”:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

These things are trying to keep me from getting back into the timeline they stole and gave to this person named Rosie here:

Not her but how she looks….

Who jumped in my body on August 21, 2022 as part of an agreement between her, David Reina aka Gooru and Barbara Reina to steal my timelines and my life…..

The entities I showed you are entities that live in the higher planes of existence, they look like clouds with one called “Archangel Michael” which is an insectoid demon that parades around as an “angel of light”, influencing people to do evil under that guise as he has – from what many psychics have told me – influenced at least one of the people fucking with me – Barbara Reina:

That said I believe that they are part of the “unseen”, a tapestry of entities whose job is to keep the natural order of things running. I believe them to be archons:

These particular entities of that order though go against what they were ordered to do, meant to do and what they do is take advantage of their powerful status to force folks into Soul contracts so they can feed off their Souls when they die.

This whole thing started cause going back to 2014 Barbara Reina and David Reina wanted to get my Soul and from what I understand, from what I been told, Barbara Reina was being heavily influenced by the Archangel Michael entity:

That paraded as an “angel of light” to influence her to fuck with me and put curses on me to cause me great financial hardship, her and the Gooru entity created by David Reina – and/or by the astral parasites in the astral realm – to get my Soul.

David Reina back in 2015 tried twice to steal my Soul which I recounted here:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

Trying to pull me in my physical body to hellish realms.

I will say that I believe the Archangel Michael entity came around back in 1998 when I was 15 and called myself summoning Satan:

– Either him or the Pallet Numbre entity.

That said, ever since, these things – along with David and Barbara Reina – have been trying to force me into a Soul contract to steal my Soul.

One of the ways they have been doing this is by putting extreme immense financial difficulties on me – while energy harvesting my blessings for themselves – an inputting the astral parasites in me along with a possessing entity named “Eden” designed to monitor my activities and what I do so I can never break free of this oppression:

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

They have used these things to attack my family, friends, even acquainteances – people that I love – using memories to find my weak spot.

They are getting to the point that ANYONE in my memories is a target.

They have stolen blessings and gave it to others too, as they have done to some people I know, which I will give right back.

They allow folks who have signed Soul contracts with whom they call “clients” like Barbara and David Reina to parse through folks features, memories, lives and choose what they want:

This is how David Reina is able to steal folks’ credit card information. Him and Barbara Reina are both credit card thieves.

The astral parasites then steal your timelines, etc. and give them to their clients and use the advantage of being in your head to shut you down when you try to get them back.

When you try to remove them they will try to manipulate you by telling you you need them to access those timelines back.

When you try to remove them or hire someone to remove them they go “intranquil” or invisible so they can’t be seen!

They get you by outnumbering you and CONSTANTLY inunndating you with entity attachments and then compromising you and your gameplays via the astral parasites they put on your head, who report back when you have plans to destroy them, which is why it is crucial to get them out!

They set up lil connectors to your subconscious psyche as you see here:

They hold your family, ancestors hostage till you capitulate to their demands. They even got my poor pious maternal grandma stuck in a hell realm.

That said, that is another thing, when you make deals with these things they are BIG on you sacrificing your ancestors…..

A bunch of folks who have called themselves “working with them” including Barbara have sold their entire ancestral line – I saw her ancestors trapped in the body of Bal, one of the entities she works with – to these evil cloud, insectoid entities – just to get “power” from entities working beyond the veil of reality. I also witnessed her casually showing me her whole entire family she sacrificed saying, “We all gotta make sacrifices.” She even threw my mother from one of those carousel trains and said, “sometimes sacrifices are necessary” knowing I love my mom.

I beat that white bitch for that. Black families don’t play that!

That bitch has an envy of pretty black women and black love, and turning black men into simps and feminizing them by making them gay by manipulating their DNA in the astral.

She looks more like this in real life.

These astral parasites keep telling me that. I don’t know.

She – with the help of those astral parasites – has stolen my, my mother’s, and other women’s looks as she has other folks’ blessings and spiritual abilities, as she has done I.

All throughout this ordeal these entities having been pushing the idea of “sacrificing loved ones”

To keep people – including unwitting victims – in they will steal your timelines etc then try to bully you into thinking that you need to remain part of their lil network where they gotta stay in you so you can access your blessings back.

They will tell you that so and so is attacking you, your family etc. as a red herring all the while being the orchestrators of that madness.

They thrive off of feeding off of misery and pain.

On top of that – even if you sign a Soul contract and work with them – they use entity attachments to make you STINK and induce negative reactions from people, which is how they feed!

That said I started taking magnesium tablets to ward them off. They say that magnesium wards off – in a positive manner – the symptoms of “schizophrenia” which no one knows where they derive…..

I been saying they are astral entities that come and invade our inner world as has been talked about ALL THROUGHOUT my blog here…..

That said I hope these help in warding off these evil, monitoring spirits I have inside, so I can get back to living a happier, independent life free of demonic intrusion:

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