You Can Not Dominate Me

You Can Not Dominate Me

I hear Gooru talking about sending me to hell after he tried – and succeeded – in basically placing my Soul consciousness into Barbara’s (or Rosey’s), allowing her to – so he thinks – control my mind and body:

I was looking through I am guessing her eyes where I was in a theatre with my ancestors and was observing all the astral action on a screen.

All after I learned to reconnect my mind after it had been intranquil for a looong time.

That said, I am indomitable.

This broad, Barbara – went from wanting to force me into a Soul contract to wanting to transfer my consciousness into some weird shit to wanting to steal my consciousness – and body – to now wanting one of her victims, a young white girl named “Rosie” who was tricked into joining her coven – to occupy my body.

This motherfucker is lost.

She – and David Reina – honest would do better doing inner work on themselves then externally attacking those who didn’t attack them and cause them the anger leading them to do this bullshit.

I laugh at them.

Early this morning I saw her spirit – attached to me trying to leach off my energy as usual – telling me she will block something unless I let her let Rosie take over my body.

I threw her – and Rosie’s ancestors – off my back. I won’t let anyone – or anything – leach off my energy.

Yesterday when I did a video talking on the Soul replacement, my video, which had no nudity, got taken down all of a sudden.

They are even attacking one of my fav tarot readers cause of how accurate she is:

I can hear spirits in her video (put on earbuds to hear – you can hear tortured Souls speaking through it):

In this message here you can see her mentioning someone threatening her who “works for the government”:

As said here:

How The Gooru System Works

Gooru I believe is a term meaning he works for the government in the astral plane using psychic abilities to shut down those who could be a threat to the illuminati and New World Order.

As said here there was an operation called Operation Stargate designed to allow psychics to spy on dissidents against the government during the Cold War:

That said, they’ve fucked up my family, sent them to hell, attacked me relentlessly with entity attachments, put literal shit on me from the astral plane to block my access to opportunities and even shelter by making me smell like shit and piss – and still I don’t fall.

And now Gooru – who considers me a slave – wants to send me to hell.

They are even removing my ancestors and demand I let my body – and Soul – be used to feed them and their ancestors and entity attachments they sent me.

He has sent my Whole Soul to a hellish realm with it being replaced by Rosie (I still have a Whole Soul piece with my consciousness in tack). I was able to regenerate it but I still don’t feel like myself. And still I don’t falter.

I just don’t get folks like that. As said, they gotta look within:

You Tried To Beat Me Down By Replacing My Soul But You Can’t Win

I think this might be him here who I encountered awhile back who I saw in the astral plane luring some folks who live in their vehicles in the astral plane to be tortured for their Souls:

You Tried To Beat Me Down By Replacing My Soul But You Can’t Win

Just as Barbara Reina did by apporting an object with her hairs in it, so did he do the same:

– This Barbara Reina’s hair.

That said, the voice of that guy in the vid here matches that of David Reina in the audio:

That said I don’t know what they’re trying to prove (to themselves to compensate as said yesterday) but the pride comes before the fall……

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