You Tried To Beat Me Down By Replacing My Soul But You Can’t Win

You Tried To Beat Me Down By Replacing My Soul But You Can’t Win

I know you’re achilles heel…..

That said, these dungeons and dragons mofos contacted me in the middle of the night and here is what was said:

That said, I know these mofos achilles heels. See, when they were kids Barbara got sex trafficked by a strong domineering mother, hence why she hates strong domineering women to this day and David Reina’s ma was a high level witch, hence why he hates strong domineering women to this day.

They both hate strong domineering women.

That said, aside from hating sympathy for their respective situations, there is something that they hate deep down inside more.

They hate themselves cause they can’t deal with themselves.

They have never properly dealt with the past abuse they have faced properly. They never dealt with their mothers properly, hence why they are broken individuals who feel a “need” to go around breaking other people down – as was done to them – to feel “whole”.

It is because they are not whole the reason behind why they “feel” the need to conquer, as their ma’s did to them.

They never had the inner strenght to conquer their ma’s, so they vicariously take it out on other, innocent people – a sign of a weak, traumatised Soul.

That said from what I am learning you can meet mofos like that with negativity, which I learned they like: but they hate light and hate when others shine.

You hear how he, David Reina, talks in that voicemail. That’s a child. A child in a grown man’s body. A broken child.

That said, send entity attachments to make these mofos deal with their trauma properly.

You can put shit in them to make their brain, and thus minds, act right.

I mean, they have done everything to try to bend my will: fuck with my innocent parent, family, got them and now my whole Soul (which I keep teleporting out) in hell, showed me scenes of how they are torturing them.

They got me homeless, took away my van, etc. but they can’t understand why I don’t bend, why they can’t take my light.

Inner strenght which comes from acceptance of my past traumas and, unlike them, not letting it control and dominate me as their ma’s still do to them to this day.

Controlling people are weak people.

Also, the reason why you all are following them is cause they stole my and other folks’ blessings that make them popular, just as was done to David Reina who is now in turn doing it to innocent people.

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