Now Offering Spiritual Advice For Spiritual Issues For Cleansings And More

Now Offering Spiritual Advice For Spiritual Issues For Cleansings And More

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You know that I know my shit when it comes down to spirituality and battling spiritual entity attachments….

Thing is, doing the work is VERY comprehensive, intricate and requires more than just “shooting positive energy or light your way.” I know these from experiences. The know-ledge and techniques I learned – such as the sacrificial heads and astral books – I used on myself so I know it is requisite and works!

That said, for $100 and for 5 months (you’d have to pay another $100 for another 5 months), I will work to closely advise you – as a personal confidante (don’t wanna say consultant cause it sounds to business-y and I don’t like that vibe), I’ll work personally to help you to help yourself to remove these things. I will even use my third eye to see what they look like, where they are and help you remove them as I feel passionate about this cause I understand cause I, like everyone else, am afflicted and affected by them and through my own self healing learned to remove the bigger ones! The reason being is because to FULLY remove them – these are archon attachments which are more complexed than mere entity attachments and even demonic attachments – you will have to meditate and learn your energy body and learn what is you and what isn’t. Plus you gotta do healing which requires learning your own energy body and what is the entity attachments – and it’s thoughts – versus yours. That is why you hear of so called schizophrenics saying voices in their head made them do it. Those are entity attachments in them. It happened to my baby brother after he took psychotropic medication, causing him to commit suicide.

The most important thing I tell people is to heal. Even if you feel a past trauma is not affecting you, it could manifest as an entity attachment that, like a plug in a boat to keep it from sinking, attaches in to keep you from feeling the trauma but then it will constantly invite trauma into your life to feed it cause that is how it thrives.

That is how all entity attachments, good or bad (really they are all bad cause they are parasites that deprive you of your free will. I know of a really nice guy who was at the whim of a so called goddess who was making him do shit against his will – telling him it was in his best interest – when in fact it was hurting him and hampering his free will.

He had been raped and got AIDS and never got justice, hence why that entity is lingering around him to this day.

That said, again, the service is $100 for 5 months. You can order it here on Etsy:

You don’t want this shit lingering on you forever, esp. giant sacrificial heads. Not only can they drain the body and kill you slowly – or quickly – over time as well as cause urges and addictions, but they will be right there to devour your Soul upon death, hence why they attach to you and even get in you.

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