Misogynist Russian Gangstalker REVEALS He Came Around Deliberately To Fuck With Me

Misogynist Russian Gangstalker REVEALS He Came Around Deliberately To Fuck With Me

Listen to him say, “put on some clothes” and the debasing way he tells his girlfriend to shut up…..

This a misogynistic mofo WHO AIN’T EVEN FROM MY COUNTRY who needed to be dealt with 🀜🏻πŸͺ¨

His license plate number is CA license plate number 7PLS284 πŸ‘πŸ»

Like that city attorney said to me – like I been known – these mofos deliberately come around to fuck with me to run me out but it don’t work.

Fuckers like this asshole – I don’t like this guy…..

His license plate number is CA license plate number 5ELT826.

Motherfucker got bandaids to hold up that front bumper lol…..

Calling me a weirdo but you got two fucking whole bandaids covering a front fucking bumper to keep it together πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€‘

How fucked up in the head you gotta be 🚬πŸ§ͺπŸ§«βš—πŸ’‰


I remember his vehicle broke down (‘woke ✊🏻 lol) and him getting rides from friends.

I DO remember him wearing like a loud white shirt with a blue jeans/long blue pants ensemble.

I DO remember him distinctively walking back up the pch with a gasoline thing in his hand. I remember it was him.

I DO remember him grabbing me in, and sticking a finger in me, molesting me, as I was walking drunk.

That’s the catharsis for why I am pissed at him. Cops can’t do anything cause there’s no proof. I got an ankle monitor so I gotta be careful. I don’t know what to do.

That’s because he is a gangstalker and one of the homeless they pay to spy on other homeless. I’ve seen that lil nigger driving real slow past my van, creeping, looking in it.

He’s a creepy ass nigger!

He look creepy:

Was he masturbating….

I ‘woked his ass one night and he took off in the middle of the night lol…..

Snatched that Soul RITE OUT his body πŸͺ„πŸ‘»

I like white men anyways, talking about “you old” with his black ass.

Fuck outta here, nigger.

I noticed when his creepy nigger ass left, that gangstalking shit stopped!

He part of some lil community that targets certain homeless people for harassment, with me be a high priority.

Imma have to put a death curse on his ass he keep on….

He said I can’t run him out. Well, he gonna be a ghost walking around here from now on πŸ‘»

That said, the same day this confrontation went down, while at Von’s some bitch threw a soda bottle cap at me that hit the back of my neck while I was fucked up on drank! I didn’t even think I was being attacked. I thought her soda bottle exploded! I’ve seen that bitch before. She look like my middle school teacher Ms. Mipro and drives a white van.

When I catch that bitch she will catch these hands, damn the ankle monitor.

I HATE when people attack you when you fucked up and defenseless and can’t defend yourself. That shit wouldn’t of happened if I were sober!

I figured out what was undermining me when I drunk, influencing mofos to fuck with me and fuck with my alkie-hole high:

Twin Flames Are Archon Saboteurs Meant To Keep Soulled People Down And How To Break Free of Them

The Name of The Reptilian Demon Following Me Is A Past Life Ancestor Named Thanh Nguyen

It was that squidward motherfucker, that archon twin flame motherfucker.

I realEYES he got activated the same year my baby brother died in 2012, same year folks thought the world was gonna end.

Knowing what I know about DNA activation, I went ahead and deactivated his connection to me cause his energy was interfering with my energy, influencing folks to unjustifiably lash out at me, attack me, even put curses on me (I saw thru my third eye it was in the a giant square he had all these people held captive, attacking me).

Ever since I deactivated his toxic ass connection I still hear him but things are better, I actually get blessed when I drink instead of cursed with bad experiences…..

The Curse of A Reptilian Bloodline And How To Deactivate It Via DNA Activation

I ONLY activate my reptilian dna in circumstances where I need to be aggressive and even violent and then promptly close when it is no longer needed as I am a very mild mannered person whose true nature is very friendly, which comes out when I drink – but folks take advantage witch πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‰ is why I can’t be nice!

I think that blocking that squidward twin flame’s connection to me will help as it is already doing such. I also activate the reptilian dna when I am drunk so folks don’t take advantage, witch πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‰ helped me yesterday πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‰

They in my bloodline so might as well take advantage.

That said, there’s no negotiating with motherfuckers like this. You gotta put em in their place. I don’t play around:

Yeah, I know. That look dungeons and dragons goofy but I ain’t got this ankle monitor for nothing…..

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