White Supremacist Employee For Hampton Tedder Yells Racial Slur Then Gets Me Hit With A Felony

White Supremacist Employee For Hampton Tedder Yells Racial Slur Then Gets Me Hit With A Felony

It took me awhile to do an article on this cause of the injustice…..

This how the ugly “Hills Have Eyes” fucker looks……

Here the company he work for…..

To give you a brief synopsis of what happened….. I was chilling in my van, in really GOOD spirits, having bought new and far superior lights from Party City for my van when I parked, got on my bucket I call a toilet, and, while taking a shit I see this inbred motherfucker pass by reeeal slow past my van. I then see IT park further up.

All of a sudden….. he then backs up, reverses rather expeditiously towards the front of my van, gets on the side and yells, “Hey nigger, show me your tits” then reverses back to where the vehicles are.

What happened to me, I don’t wanna go into detail, is a major injustice.

The phone number for this company, Hampton Tedder, which works in tandem with public works is 909-628-1253.

This is the type of white supremacist shit I gotta deal with living in this area. I don’t allow motherfuckers to dehumanise me by treating me like a freakshow cause I go shirtless. That’s why I am resented around here. I don’t let people tell me what to do…..

…..Like this lil DaBaby creature tarbaby ass lil nigga right here, a possible gangmember, who thought he could intimidate me into not going shirtless, telling me he gonna shoot me, while I was in Watts after I had just gotten out of jail in Lynwood…..

Looka that. Got swords around me, symbol of protection based on what I saw thru my third eye…..

Fuck I even got an ankle monitor now….

Shit I was kinda bragging about it, going to different locations to see folks reactions…..

Hell, I still had my LA County armband I think for 6 days……

That said, this motherfucker, this was a pure psychic attack.

This inbred crakkka was a psychic attack!

I was getting ready to do some inner spiritual work when….. howdy peckerwoid doody comes along and fucks it up.

That shit was traumatizing but at least I had no distractions in jail. It was while there, while doing inner work on me I discovered how to manipulate inner frequencies which really provides for some psychedelic experiences without having to drugs.

I was having fun being in my own literal inner world.

Also, that defund the police shit – it is actually hurting who it is claiming to help.

Supplies in county jail are practically obsolescent to where we are given PIECES of the small bars of soap you find in motels and hotels due to their being a shortage of supplies AND food.

We barely got any meat in there except for a hotdog, a vegan’s wet dream!

That said, gangstalking is a real phenomenon….. note the entitlement in this dude’s aggressiveness when I call him out…..

They had a crazy bitch driving down Wilshire who kept stopping, like she wanted me to hit the back of her suv (just got tinnitus in my left ear which represents bad news) and then when she rolled down her window, I rolled down mines, and she was saying, “You got a problem….” Bitch sounded high.

Later on I had her running to the Beverly Hills police…..

Here her license plate….. CA license plate (this a weird one) BH4MD77.

– Usually it is three letters in the middle…..

…..You can also hear some old gangstalkers say good I put on a shirt in this compilation.

Gangstalking is a very real phenomenon where mofos, organic portals really (they ain’t human) have a controlled hivemind telling them to attack folks who have Souls, like me.

Now, this is crucial for Soulled people to take this into account….. Unlike us Soulled people – who can intuit, who can perceive by sensing things like spirit or Souls – organic portals can not do these things.

This is why I tell Soulled people not to project the way they are onto these Soulless fuckers and empathise with them.

They need to be eliminated hence why I ‘woke they azz ๐Ÿง™๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿช„๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‘ฅ

That said, taking this into account, these Soulless demons lack the higher chakras like the third eye to pull this off. Thus organic portals can only discern you based on physical descriptors like race, gender, economic status.

That is why you should learn to use your energy to control them as I do.

That said, because of that they can only go by stereotypes to make sense of you.

When you don’t fit any of those things like I, it drives em crazy and they call you crazy!

They are literally organic robots and they should not be given the benefit of being treated as a human because they do not have Souls like us.

One of my favorite sayings by Hitler is, “Close your eyes to pity, act brutally!”

That is my creed when dealing with organic portals……

Living by this as a Soulled person allows you to protect your heart chakra – and all your chakras in general from these evil things – as well as your energy and space as you ascend. Again, I could go on about race but there is MORE TO THIS HERE AT PLAY – even shit in my own energy space is to blame – shit fucking with me – as I learn as I clear shit out!

Again, it is overstanding AND innerstanding what you dealing with here and it all goes back to the spirit realm!

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