Why It Is Important To See Yourself As A Multidimensional Being

Why It Is Important To See Yourself As A Multidimensional Being

I wanna start off by saying, thank you to ALL who donated. Thank you!!!! That was mad kind of ya’ll!

I now realise that, starting with some higher shit in the astral – my timeline – that evil squidward shapeshifting entity was part of a Soul contract to contribute to my demise and keep me stuck.

I Finally Rescued My Brother From The Demon Reptilian Holding Him Hostage

RIGHT WHEN I started getting rid of him I suffered night terrors, shit trying to attach.

I had an astral vision early this morning in the twilight witching hours where I was shitting in a toilet in a home during Halloween in full view of everyone, which is symbolic of being in the public eye and having a strong sense of self confidence, while conversing with a famous rapper – I’m thinking Offset who I once saw was “stealing my blessings” before…

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

….And I was cleaning my ass assidously and my vagina which is symbolic of removing and cleansing entities from the root chakra.

That said, I said what I said above cause that squidward entity deliberately orchestrated that chemistry teacher in high school to say, “Drop the English accent” which was the straw that broke the camel’s back due to a long line of abuse at that school which I talk about here to fully take me over and remove MY consciousness and replace it with his, a Soul takeover practically. It also orchestrated the suicide that created a whole in my aura, allowing it to come in to try to push out my true consciousness and take over my body! That is when it REALLY started!

That said it took me consciousness wise to see myself as not bound to THIS timeline to break free….. note the gangstsalkers showing up at specific times……

It’s funny, ever since getting rid of the squidward thing I note more folks are donating whereas they weren’t before ever since 2014 that squidward mofo put a halt on my money (again, thank ya’ll)! Funny it is happening with the commencing of 2022, the year of manifestation (222 = Master Builder in numerology). Not only that, the multiples of 2 add up to 6 = material realm in numerology!

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