Two White Supremacists Crakkkas Say I Can’t Get Raped And Both Get ‘Woked

Two White Supremacists Crakkkas Say I Can’t Get Raped And Both Get ‘Woked

This why I HEAVILY practice black magick…..

This kitchen witch think he a real satanist (Here is his IG:

He about to see Satan 🐉

That said, after I told his ass what I saw what really gets to him…. really after I ‘woked him….

He stopped responding and in true ‘wokeing fashion 🐉 became obsessed with my energy and started false flagging my shit (for some reason insta-heaux won’t let me use my “hide story” feature which I’ve seen on a coupla occasions)…..

Here another one….. this a RACIST mofo here…..

His phone number 979-571-8826 so give him a call 📲

Also here this pale face neanderape straight from the caucus mountain’s instagram:

Also here where he works, Novak Motor Car in Texas….

Phone number: 210-599-2527

This mofo, whose name is Skyler Lee Hickman (that last name makes sense) who works for Novak Motors in Texas, is A REAL FUCKING RACIST (I KNEW IT 💡) who hates blacks and is DEFINITELY the type to rape and put hands on black women and shoot us as can be seen here…..

Read them texts: NOTE he stopped cavorting with me AS SOON as I said I do NOT need a crakkka’s approval and started listing all the ways they are genetically and phenotypically inferior…… this shows how much they feed off of our lifeforce energy by schadenfrauding us into thinking we need them – their acceptance – when it is THEY who need us all along…..

I also let him know when his last words to me were “cry” (that’s gone be his ass) that he’s gonna be sorry…..

He got such a “nice” whittle family…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

That said this is how crakkka neanderape males see black women 👇🏽

This all started because his raunchy statement about the Dodge Challenger triggered this……

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

Attempted Rapist’s Bear Mace Has FUCKED UP My Period And Wetback Ass Department of Water And Power Employee Says I Deserve To Get Raped

We all know had I been white they woulda been empathetic. Now I am not gonna complain about inequality cause I know how crakkkas think and I don’t give a fuck about what they think so that said I am showing this to show how these mofos view black women as unrapeable and why swirlers need to stop war-shipping these crakkkas and putting them on a high horse, a toxic cycle starting from the days of slavery…..


I remember idiots used to read National Geographic back in the day and when they say indigenious women of color, esp. black women, with either their breast out (which is used to feed children and not supposed to be sexualised) or butt naked called it “porn”, effectively sexualising them and inculcating it in their minds that black women = hypersexed beasts who can not be raped cause, in their racist and misogynist mind’s eye, “always want it.”

It was the same racist and misogynist ass mentality that got the Soulless and low testosterone ass crakkkas to during the days of slavery to see our ancestors as wild beasts (nevermind they came from the caves of Europe as neanderapes aka neanderthals, the REAL wild beasts whom the black moors had to tame)……

Just looka this bust of an ancient Roman “teen” and tell me this bitch don’t look like a neandeRAPE:

Ancient Rome was responsible for alot of atrocious contributions, including misogyny, EXTREME oppression of women and girls, forcing boys and teen boys and young men to dress up as women and go to festivities with them cause they hate women so much (and still do), shit they claim folks of color do…..

Cave bitch look like Nick Nolte…..

Young girl? Genuine evidence that wide folk 👉🏻⬜ been aging bad since day 1, since Yakub made em!

I know I said the bitch from Rome but really from ancient Greece but it’s all the same Greek ✏🍑 shit to me……

That say, crakkkas still see us as their property cause of their fucked up, incestuous tendencies to see the human body unclothed as a fucking “sin” which is latin for “without” – as well as an incestuous tendency towards their ma’s breasts hence this shit here….

– Early el dyko action…..

My parent used to say that white pee-pole are some sick mofos but they’ll project this sick shit on us 👆🏻

Crakkkas tend to PROJECT their sick ways on us folks of color hence why theu say crakkkas are the masters of projection AND deflection…..

As a matter of fact back when I did sex work I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MANY black and latin dudes I saw said that white bitches are THE FREAKIEST and do the craziest shit!

It’s cause they daddies taught em well…..

– He look like a pedophile. Guess the race of the assailant who got off twice – get it?

– He REALLY look like a one here…..

– They wrong for how they got his nastay ass looking at her in the profile pic.

This Josef Fritzl, the neadeRAPE who held his daughter in a basement for some 20 years and raped her and had her sire 20 some plus keeds 🤮

This what you swirlers get….

– Put money on it he called her a “nigger” when he raped then killed her….. Makes my blood boil!

I can go on and on but I’ll say white folks are some nasty pedophiliac bestial bestiality committing mofos but they’ll be quick to put the blame on you such as in the case of the young girl Chrystul Kizer who was forcibly sex trafficked by a cave ape and killed him in self defense……

This is ALL white men, swirlers (paying attention 🔎) no exception!

Also, to ole boy…..

Don’t come crying to me when that ‘woke fucks you up 🌪

I am not crakkka christ aka cesare borgia; I don’t forgive, I send you to hell 🔥 All of em…..

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