Astral Vision Shows There Will Be A Gang Shootout At A Malibu Beach

Astral Vision Shows There Will Be A Gang Shootout At A Malibu Beach

It’s by that fenced up concrete structure underneath the parking structure by coastline drive, between there and up the Topanga Canyon, Maestro’s……

That being said I saw VERY VIVIDLY….. I saw a young obese hispanic man, probably early 20’s, at the beach with some people. He had the gang tattoos…..

I saw a latina, VERY obese, sitting not the far from him. If I recall she was either alone or with a small number of relatives…..

I recall the latin dude having this post with Chinese characters on it like this, reminiscient of what I saw in the Jenny 69 video……

The Occult Symbolisms In Jenny 69’s Video “La 69”

That said, I was hanging with some people and then, we all started moving thru a corridor cause shots had rung out….

VERY VIVIDLY I saw the hispanic dude shoot members of his own crew, specifically I saw a guy wearing a white tank whom he shot first, at the beach then get into it with the young lady – I’m sensing 19 – and shot her as well!

It seems he came there with the deliberate intent of killing the girl.

Hopefully this don’t come to past but just watch out while you there!

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