Astral Vision Shows Young White Lady Getting Kidnapped By Rapist Mechanic At The Impound

Astral Vision Shows Young White Lady Getting Kidnapped By Rapist Mechanic At The Impound

This was vivid as a mofo…..

I was traveling with a big “white dude”…. he wasn’t human, he was an aquatic reptilian in human face as it turns out….. when we stopped. We were out in a desert area. It seemed like we were in Vegas.

I saw a mechanic who looked alot like this dude here from The Matrix…..

He look like the rapist dude here I once pursued…..

Chasing My Rapist

The Serial Rapist Who Drives Buick California License Plate Number 5SVE309 NEEDS TO BE KILLED

I saw him talking to the “guy” I was with – he was a big hulking gentleman, wearing a mechanic uniform as well.

The skinny Matrix character looking mechanic eyed the woman, a young dark haired white woman with a ponytail wearing a reddish burgundy like jacket, short skirt, high black boots, who was going to get her vehicle out the tow yard (she seemed desperate) lustfully, then turned to the guy I was with and said, “She got the ball in her pocket” while implying he was gonna sexually assault her by grabbing her on the buttocks….

From what I see thru my third eye, there is gonna be some block to helping this lady succeed with something which that phrase implies……

I also got stripper vibes off the young lady, as if she does that for a living. She also reminded me STRAIGHT of Claire Redfield making me wonder if the whole thing symbolic…..

Funny enough I had a astral vision (reincarnation?) of being her brother…..

The Time Chris Redfield Reincarnated Into My Body After He Died

That said, not too long after me and the entity return to a motel – like what I’m in lol – and says, “If a guy or anyone tries to attack you hit him in the throat” then his throat flared like this no joke……

It honestly reminds me of the Monster From The Black Lagoon which was actually really a merman……

In human form he looked like this big hulking handsome dude…..

….Now the strange thing is my starseed heritage is Sirius……

The Nommos are a spacefaring race of amphibious beings from Sirius who taught the Dogon tribe about Sirius B and astronomy way before Copernicus came along centuries after……

You can read more about it here:

That said, I don’t know WHO this is for…. for me, for someone else cause this shit can be symbolic and remember our Souls can look different than oir physical bodies in real life…..

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

….That said, whoever this is for….. just watch out!

The weird thing is, as I was writing this up, “something” had pushed the shower curtain!

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