Celebrating A Strong Woman Named Joanna Dennehy Who Killed 3 Dick Demons

Celebrating A Strong Woman Named Joanna Dennehy Who Killed 3 Dick Demons

I think she is a beautiful woman…..

She look like Leif Garrett…..

She’s a real strong womban 💪🏻

Yasss sis, kill them dick demons…..

Her girlfriend is THE EPITOMIE of how men should look #BullDykesDoItBetterThanMen


She is like Aileen Wuornos, who I worship and admire…..

I don’t know what it is…. but despite being in femail bodies both these wombem got strong essences about them….. it is a so called “masculine” energy mixed with I don’t give a fuck about the patriarchy energy built with this warrior drive built on sharp wits, intelligence, and a quick witted consciousness that is completely ruthless to the core.

This is REAL Divine Feminine energy (think Goddess Kali)…..

– Look all them men’s flayed off heads. If that was me it would be dicks I would be holding onto in a pile…..

That said THAT ☝🏻 IS REAL GODDESS ENERGY not that fake pandering to these low vibratory worthless ass males bullshit so many femails do, confining yourselves to a fucking stereotype that keeps you contained and neuters you from being you.

That’s my energy.

I may not be as – let’s say – “blunt” in my approach – yet – but I do plan to put a curse on the dicks of ANY AND ALL MEN who approach me amorously, romantically so that their dick will fall off and they can’t have any kids and thus will discontinue the patriarchy.

I’m dead serious.

I see any man who approaches me as an attack.

I’ll tell you why: they sense that REAL Divine Feminine in me. They want to and are programmed by the demiurge to get close to me so as to neutralise it and destroy it, no matter how “free thinking for women’s rights” those dick demons claim to be…..

They can never be cause it innately goes against their programming as innured into them by the demiurge:

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

Their programming is to FORCE (via rape, deception, and most def. manipulation) AND HERD womben into becoming broadmares for their “seeds” and create physical vessels via which the demiurge uses to imprison Souls so it can feed off them.

The demiurge is male and he hates his ma, the Aeon Sophia, which he passed on and programmed into male bodies.

Men can NEVER be your friends or allies. They are innately against us!

That said, returning to what I said – men TARGET, NOT APPROACH, BUT TARGET ME cause of my strenght and how my veey existence is a threat to the patriarchy!

This is why these motherfuckers will “approach” like I am simultaneously the “prize” they wanna own AND the “cockblocker” they got to defeat to OWN ME hence why they be coming up to me like they wanna beat me up for not wanting to get with them and rebuking their dick demon SEXUAL HARASSMENT “advances”. I pick up on this. They “approach” ominously, abrasively with a lack of empathy towards WHY I have to be AGGRESSIVE towards them, my history with them (it’s always about them), while, if shit happens to me, blaming me for being a strong woman for standing up for myself for why it happened. That’s why I could never be with any man!

Just the other day a misogynistic asshole I know who takes advantage of a vulnerable lady and beats her and forces her to submit to his sexual advances via manipulation and who knows what else said to me, “When you’re gone, the guys miss ya.”

He was saying it like people like me. No they don’t. They don’t wanna know me. They are only interested in using, co-opting and projecting their misogynistic lascivious desires upon MY shirtless activism. As with ALL women they do not see me as an independent person with my own thoughts and feelings (which as said by this article hence why they ascribe more rights to fetuses than women) but as something to ravish and carry out their misogynstic sexual desires upon.

I told this misogynistic asshole they don’t “miss” nor respect me, they miss taking advantage of me!

That let’s me know their intent is about THEM to take and prey off of ME hence why they laugh after they feel men have triumphed over me……

Black Ass Nigger Rapist Named Tony Punched Me For Not Accepting His Sexual Advances

The Attack By The Nigger Reveals The Psychotic JEALOUSY Men Have Towards Me

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

Attempted Rapist’s Bear Mace Has FUCKED UP My Period And Wetback Ass Department of Water And Power Employee Says I Deserve To Get Raped


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