Why I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do To These Non Black Men

Why I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do To These Non Black Men

If you are wondering what is up with my long time hiatus (for a week) from social media, it is because I was in jail.

That said there is a reason why I gotta do what I gotta do (if I were a white girl I wouldn’t have to explain or even be in this situation as said by a jewish dude who noted the more humane treatment of a shirtless white girl further down the pch)……

….And notice this stalking mofo coming right back again.

The reason why I landed in jail is because in part due to dehumanizing, racist white supremacist mofos like him (and the crakkka and wetback deputies who partook in throwing my ass on a false felony for assault in the first place) who literally feel fucking entitled – fucking entitled – to disrespect me and hypersexualize and my shirtless activism to the point where I am not even human, as they see all black folks to begin with.

NOTICE in the second vid he parks right across the street.

This is a stalker. This is why I throw rocks and carry on the way I do and I should not have to change myself cause you got sick mofos like this who feel as if they have the right to disrespect womben, esp. black womben.

Here is IT’S license plate…..

* It is California license plate 8VOW832

– In the vid you can hear that demon threatrn to kill me (for not letting IT have IT’S way) cause I am not human to IT……

As one brother sheriff’s deputy said while I was in jail….. these mofos come out to deliberately harass me cause they feel I am mentally ill (no mofo I am highly sensitive, psychic, and don’t put up with the bullshit) and because I am on count a black female who goes shirtless they further feel “free” to harass me.

And that’s why I don’t let it be.

It’s like the mofo here who came around the bend to snap my pic and then called the cops when I ran his azz off…..

You got these mofos like this fat crakkkka supremacist here who still think of black people as property and will deliberately target, as a good friend of mines pointed out, someone who they feel are marginalised and so thus feel they can get away with doing shit to such as in the case of the Costo Girl…..

Black Girl In Costco With White Family Treated As Modern Day Slave

As a womban, a black womban at that, who is marginalised it is my duty to respect me by protecting me.

There are droves of predators out here who, as I learned in this case here:

Chasing My Rapist

And esp. here….

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF


Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

Who literally THRIVE off of targeting marginalised people cause they feel we won’t run to law enforcement and, even if we do – as I found out this weekend – we won’t be believed!

Reminds me of this here…..

Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

That is why it is important that I maintain a very visible social media presence for my safety and protection.

I heard somewhere that there are as many as 300 serial killers – maybe even more – operating on the streets at any given moment.

As the daughter of a retired New Orlean police officer who grew up listening to my dad’s worl stories and watching cop shows – I learned from a very early and pivotal age that prevention is key and prevention lies in going on the offense.

I don’t come off as the intimidating big bad scary “homeless black womban” for nothing. It is out of necessity for survival.

In this pervert I sense rapist with control issues. When I looked back in my van he nooded his head as if to let me know he knew me cause he does know of me.

He came out here to fuck with me and I intuitively knew it (like here – I was right about this dude). I also sense that, like so many others I have gone up against, he has this colonising fetishizing desire to subdue me, subjugate me cause he has done heard that I am strong and don’t put up with bullshit.

Funny while I was in jail I saw VERY CLEARLY thru my third eye my slave ancestors and I saw a slavemaster coming thru to order them around.

That being said as a womban and esp. a homeless black womban I have a duty to myself to protect me and look out for me.

As my dad would say too many of these mofos out here I sense feel as if they got the right to “get the drop” on ya. I feel that they feel ENTITLED to it, to take advantage of me.

As can be seen on this sick fuck’s social media page (this guy is a convicted sexual predator), he IS a sexual predator following – out of alll the homeless he can follow – he follows this guy…..


This is why I check mofos. This is why I have to be the way I am. It is a matter of survival.

As the old saying goes….. I’d rather be judged by 12 then to be judged by 6.

And to ole boi who I sprayed in the face with Raid……

I’ll do it again!

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