The White Supremacist Colonialist Mentality of White Men And Why They Must Be Handled With Hands ????‍♂️

Imma put this fucking neandeRAPE FIRST!

– peep the creature of the cave’s california license plate 5VWK845

In light of the Jenae Gagnier murder I think white people – and their white supremacist colonialist ways – are getting too comfortable with unveiling their ugly true colours around us due to the new age kneegrow believe that “we are all equal and all one.” No we ain’t bitch and this pale face demon about to find out.

This is the second time this mofo has flagrantly and defiantly stalked me. 1st time was last weekend, a Friday to be precise and I saw him stop FOR A SPLIT SECOND near my car behind another (there was no space behind my van) and then when said car took off he moved to the front and was about to leave and then stopped midway as if to defiantly say, “I know you don’t want me here so Imma stay here and continue to stalk you.” I threw something at his ass – I could feel the white supremacist “need” to control energy off this scandanavian creature (his accent sounded consistent with that region, like Swedish) – and me and him argued and he got back and when I was about to get something else bigger his scared ass drove off.

You can look at this mofo and see he a sicko:

Looka those eyes.

The eyes say it.

Also looka his demeanor: I go in on his ass and as if feeling he gotta be dominant cause crakkkas always gotta dominate he drives around again…..

This is why I hate white people and would never marry one!

My mom even saw me fucking with a creole or Native American.

I have always been militant against these cave creatures since I was a little girl in which I recall at the age of 7 singing on a swing seat, “Crakkkas get the fuck out” and laughed when I watched em scat.

They have colonialist mentality. Not all, but most. A deep desire to control – as you see in that situation above and as you can see below (had that nasty mofo trembling below ??):

Here his license plate:

It is an arrogance rooted in white supremacy that is really all derived from white genetic inferiority due to fear of white genetic annhilation as proselytized by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing.

It is a desire to offset this innate awareness of their genetic inferiority by pumping their chest to others so to speak and making themselves out to be the best thing since sliced bread when that’s all they can make.

You gotta train these mofo crakkkas, let em know that you are that nigger that they fear: the nigger that don’t give a fuck.

In Babba Bobby Hemmit’s lectures he stated, “Whatever white people tell you not to do, do!”

I note cause of their lack of a pineal gland as broken down by white man Tucker Carlson:

….They have a VERY one sided view of spirituality that borders on stupid as they think spirituality means “peace and love” when it fucking means YOU DEAL WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD regardless of whether it is for the human made concepts of good and bad. The white created, culture appropriating wicca movement shows how stupid they are by claiming they war-ship nature but you can’t do wrong when nature is dualistic (idiot)!

I am quite certain the chicken you ate don’t like you eating it but from your perspective it is some good shit to eat!

That said they have a tendency to appropriate OUR shit then turn around and act as the masters of OUR shit they steal from us.

They’ll tell you about karma – which is really the CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ACTION – and how it is based on moral codes which is bull.

That said meanwhile they will be using the dark shit of your ancestors AGAINST YOU!

As spoken by Bobby Hemmit in his “Satan Ultimate Darkside” lectures be that mofo they fear…..

When I first came to Malibu – this how arrogant crakkkas are – I literally had the same honkkkies who were talking ill on my name telling me not to use black magic.


Forest Fire Breaks Out At Sunset Mesa on The PCH In Malibu

I Told Ya’ll In Malibu I Was Gonna Woolsey Fyre Fest 2.0 Dat Azz

Fuck I Got Pyrokinesis: Malibu Gets Fyre Fest ‘Woke After I Thought It

….and it go on and on…..

I’ve established myself as a pure demon that don’t give a fuck, and there is power in that!

Just the other day this old ass surfer looking crakkka, who used to sexually harass me, saying, “Well you got topless in your site’s name (Imma slap somebody for that shit)” and would try to perv, whose ass I nearly knocked and was calling me a nigger in return…..

Welp, I ‘woked him! Before, he was articulate but now he babbles – like literally talks like a child with no sense.

I fucked him up as I did this one (who he and his Asian wife thought I was easy to perv on and not take seriously) here…..

He told me he got shadow demons pulling him into another dimension now.

Don’t fuck with me!

I’ll proudly be what you fear. I ain’t bound by that respectable kneegrow politics shit. I don’t care about that or being understand.

See, here is one thing about me: I like to conquer too.

This is why I laughed in this dude’s face when he told me that my ‘woke killed his ma here like a serial killer who laughs in the face of the impudent pleas of their victims…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

I know how to meet their ruthlessness.

Aside from them liking to colonise and conquer folks they fear….. as this crakkka tried to do with me then got ‘woked…..

Here he is – another crakkka who fucked around and found out…..

As I later learned this one did too…..

This mofo here – my mother used to say even when they poor trash they think they are better than us…..

White LA Methhead Michael Pataky And Son Raise Hell Cause I Won’t Give Them No Black Pussy

This crakkka creature cause I wouldn’t allow him and his po’ white trash son to treat me as an object literally threatened to call LAPD if I wouldn’t talk to him after just as sicc’d runaway slave squads back in the day.

This is the pinnacle of white entitlement.

It’s why I can’t stand their asses…..

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

– The more I look at this shit the more I hate white people with a fucking passion.

The fucking entitlement to our black bodies – esp. by fucking white males as in the days of slavery – is beyond belief and pisses me off and makes me even more militant to stand up to their colonialising ways…..

Look I may talk shit about hispanics and other non black folks of colour from time to time but, the thing I notice about the hispanics have a down to Earthness and humbleness about them. Yeah they may act pervy but I can sense they see me as a person.

In the incident with the cave ape it was a latin man who gave me a stick for self defence…..

But crakkkas – Imma tell you about crakkkas that got me hating their white supremacist colonialising asses so much is they have an arrogance about them tempered with stupidity, as if they don’t know when to quit and will keep stalking the victims they seek to subjugate as they did the Native Americans by first declaring war on them then offering “peace blankets” to eradicate those poor people, or the poor Hawaiians who, after running they asses, they come back with a “peace treaty” designed to steal those people’s islands from them or, as in the case of our people, claim that they are not responsible for slavery cause a few of us sold each other into slavery.

I hate white people.

And then the arrogance – they expect you not to be keen to what they are doing since they everybody but them is stupid and you are supposed to fall for their bull and let them do whatever to you like this crakkka here who mistakenly objectified me, saying, “I don’t care to hear all that spiritual shit,” implying I am not supposed to have a brain, a mind and be this one dimensional sex toy for him to use and abuse with no sense and not be the smart ass woman – powerful fucking woman who can send you to hell or in the case of ole boy the shadow realm above…..

And I say stupidity because, as explained by Tucker Carlson, their pineal glands if they even have any are shut so unlike blacks, hispanics and other races – even the organic portals of other races – they can’t discern when to shut the fuck down hence why they have no humility.

That is why they need to be humbled.

That being said, black bedwenches who war-ship these mutant cave apes with their genetic recessive defective features, like here…..

Bedwench Turns On Me After I Try To Protect Her From Her Slavemaster Husband

And here (I know her man latin and is as dark as my ma but her mentality of war-shipping non blacks still goes) don’t help…..

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

I mean – like my mama and the other womben in my family used to say – white men look like bitches.

They got china white porcelain skin, they got THE LEAST testosterone of any race…..

I mean there is NOTHING masculine about them!

That’s why they THE FIRST ONE to get turnt out when they hit the pen!

But you got these bedwenches who want babies with “good” stringy dog hair that needs all sorts of shit in it so their shit can be silky smooth like the hispanics and asians, vericose veins that be popping – and got those fuckers looking like pale azz zombies – at age 16, skin that lacks the vitamins necessary to be in the sun.

How the fuck are they physically superior again?

….And, ya’ll are gonna laugh at this, crakkkas are so fucking insecure that when I used to be a sex worker (I do tarot cards now), they actually thought that nasty ass heauxs who sleep with men for money favouring them over black men was a source of pride.

No, bitch! They fuck with ya’ll cause they got black pimps who they give their money – and pussy – away for free.


The saddest bedwench I heard was straight from the mouth of an old, handicapped white dude with no pennies (literally) to his name and no teefuses who BRAGGED of how a bedwench wanted to be with him over her rich settled black husband “cause he wide.”

Black bitches like that make it hard for me cause now I gotta pimp these crakkkas and let em know the deal when they step to a real black woman.

That said, I ain’t stroking their ego. I like to kill it.

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