Defeating The Demon Akiel

Defeating The Demon Akiel

Damn, that’s an alien in the background. Wow…..

It is strange that this mofo actually exists and I didn’t know this name until this astral projection experience last night:

This was real cause when I awoke I HEARD knocking – 3 knocks – on my van but no one was around….

That said I was in my childhood room and I started pushing away a “white girl” wearing a sailor moon Japamese school girl outfit with blonde hair and black eyes who started saying from what I best recall, “Please don’t get rid of me” till I pushed it further and further into a portal in my bed and all I could see were her shoes as said portal swallowed her. From what I can recall in between it said I am Akiel.

I remember first encountering this entity in the astral while talking with some fellow high schoolers on top of a set meant for plays and I recall it sometime in between introducing itself as Akiel and saying that it was there to protect me from other demons as described in the cartoon it is in.

That said it all then flashed to another scene where I was with this big landwhale – tow truck operator – filipino otherwise known as a g@@k who kept me as a sexual plaything (thru my third eye I saw that it was a a bird like entity behind “his” appearance hence the importance of spiritual discernment) and I recall seeing a giant fish-gorilla in the ocean as we looked in it. Then the scene flips to us being in the back of a trailer, a sort of mini house that you see mounted on trucks and the place was very spacious and nice and looked like a nice studio with 1 bedroom. Then, a zombified old white man wearing blue overalls like a farmer bursted thru the window yelling, “Where is the whiskey” and he attacked the filipino (out of jealousy) and without attacking me I defeated him.

In between both scenes I went to purchase 3 packs of gummy bears (this ish was sooo vivid) and tho. they were $2 a piece this white dude – I think one of the dudes living on the beach here – took a whole $10 (it shoulda been $6) and him and this blonde girl with dark roots tried to use schadenfraude to convince me that the taking of my $10 was justified which may be symbolic of snatching blessings as $10 denotes new beginnings in numerology.

When I awoke I SWEAR I heard a phone’s ringtone in my car that sounded distant AND I SWEAR there are no other phones in here but mine.

I also was shown thru my third eye an alien grey resembling this dude here:

– JUST like that!

– Who I saw returning a Soul piece back to me just this past weekend (it was supposed to be positive in that I got tinnitus in my right as opposed to left ear) was in a vehicle with my brother in the backseat.

I asked to see what he was doing with my brother early this morning and I saw him as a torso with all these entities flowing into him.

I had to rescue him from his rescuer there. I got “king of pentacles” representing that ugly mofo (the alien).

In the next vlog I will be talking about how aliens have manipulated my life (I also kinda see Cookie Tookie’s as well) and the effects these spirits in the astral can have on our daily lives – everything from addictions and traumas – and how they can manipulate scenarios to create ficticious (enemy-frenemy, rival-hero) conflicting scenarios to keep us all imbued in this matrix. What I mean by that is, as explained in many of my blogposts (this is a primer on the demiurge-matrix system):

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

They will create scenarios where the same entity will cause you problems (I see this all too often via my third eye) for you then come in and act as the solution (hero/rescuer complex) to justify their being around you.

The Akiel entity is a perfect example of that in that it will – as an entity attachment – attach to you, suck your energy from you then pretend – as it said – to be protecting you from shit. A very similar incident occurred when in the dreamscape I released a crocodile to protect me from my enemies and next thing I noticed I looked drained, dried up as can be seen here:

I removed it and now I look better, refreshed:

The astral appearance of Akiel came after doing much much cleansing on myself, esp. that dreaded right side as I have mentioned before:

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

I love my quartz crystals because they are great for programming and actually sorting out problem entities living in/on your Earthly vessel:

Quartz crystals are just THE BEST aids EVERRRR!

That being said I don’t trust none of this matrix shit. As was shown with the alien that was supposed to protect me and my brother and this Akiel thing these things are ALL matrix programs – conspirators designed to keep you from coming into your God Self (IF you have a Soul) and keep you stuck in matrix 3D programming in which you feel you gotta act under a false narrative and use the enemy of your Soul (these “gods” of these false spiritual systems, re-ligions) as a “blanket” to navigate this mofo when you don’t.

All you need is your Soul!

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