Saw Cookie Tookie Live At The Van Nuys Courthouse And Her Cry For Help

Saw Cookie Tookie Live At The Van Nuys Courthouse And Her Cry For Help

I ran into some salacious trouble myself while walking to the courthouse:

I ran into this arrogant ass racist crakkka who took a pic of me whom I promptly cussed out, then he spat on me THEN he claimed I knocked his cellphone out his hand ?? while on my way to the courthouse. Everything went well and I went on to see Cookie!

Imma say this white – yeah I meant it – now white folks have a colonialist mentality in which they “gotta” conquer shit they fear or don’t understand so you gotta put hands on em ?? to show em the time of the day ?

Even did a lil tarot card show while there:

Man I couldn’t wear my lil red mesh outfit for this salacious occasion:

That said Cookie is really under attack from demons just like me…..

That voice, you can just hear something else coming out.

That being said poor Cookie is plagued by demons and I know that from experience cause, now that I know, ever since childhood I had two that were sorta blocking my chakras, acting as walls in an attempt to possess me and awaited a weakness in my auric body to enter as they did when I did a ritual to reacquire a missing Soul piece during my satanic phase, in which I was forced into satanism by reptilians who had fucked up my money flow.

Having those two things enter on both sides, controlling my mind – esp. the right – made it next to impossible to veer my thoughts towards more healthy, constructive things no matter how hard I tried.

They influenced my mind to become hyperobsessed – as if I wasn’t in control of my own mind – with material acts like drinking and made it damn near to difficult to focus on meditating, astral projecting (I recount here how one archon forced me back into my body when I tried to astral project):

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

They blocked my crown chakra and it took only until recent in which I have had to work with quartz crystals to discern the difference between my energy body vs these invading parasites that I was able only to remove them and get myself and energy field back on track.

Imma talk on that tomorrow.

I’m back to eating healthy foods where as before when those etheric parasites commandered my mind all I could focus on was consuming junk and I would feel an overwhelming depression wash over me as I gave in to the alcohol urge, like a rollercoaster into a swamp cause I knew I did not want it but was feeding something that was making me.

In these two articles are vids of Cookie reaching out for help……

Cookie Tookie aka Samantha James Needs Spiritual Healing

Show Out For Cookie Tookie on August 9 2021 At The Van Nuys Courthouse

This had to be the saddest…..

Here are some IG’s that document her, with my fav being cookietookielive:

This one got an abundance of her depressing videos……

And this one is really depressing – The Final Viewing – cause of what it implies…..

Here is what coulda been and still could be (just ask Leona Helmsley ?):

I mean she is such a beautiful transwoman and unlike most looks natural and has a very feminine energy too.

Imma tell you what I see around Cookie that is causing her addictions in the spirit world:

I see a pimp looking light skinned black man wearing a conventional bowler striped hat and suit with a mustache and light beard that circumvents his face in a square like manner. I am thinking this guy was a pimp.

I see a snarling reptilian wearing a white hat and a crocodile snout. All I see is a head so this is one of those sacrificing entities I have talked about that devour your Soul when you die.

You can tell here that a demon wishing to make her feel uncomfortable with her trans identity is causing her conflict here:

That’s scary ass all fuck!

It is honest next to impossible to break out on your own.

In cases like this she would need to do deep inner healing so that the demon will no longer have a weak point in her energy body to feed off of and thus will leave.

That is what I did; heal ALL old wounds and that’s how I was able to make great strides.

When I saw her in court yesterday “Yes sir” -ing the judge like a slave that shit was depressing and sickening.

She should be up there with the Jeffree Stars and the TS Madisons and not stuck in this karmic cycle of addiction and self destructive behaviours – at the rollercoaster mercy of demons – which has defined her adult life:

I think jail – and def a mental institution, really a fucking shamanic retreat – is the answer for her to get those demons off her ass.

I think she should be prescribed naltrexone which from my experience sends a message to those demons to get off your ass (tho my addiction was more manageable it was getting worse with the urges being once a day and feeling an energy strike at the top of my crown chakra making my ass give in which would not go away until I give in – very similar to the zaps in her feet):

Naltrexone will remove the alcohol, meth, and whatever else she addicted to from the “reward centre” of the brain in which will reprogram your brain to be normal again and thus allowing you to refocus on what it is you really want.

On a spiritual level it sends a message to those demons you aren’t playing and makes it easier to fight em.

I swear by it!

It’s helped me tonnes…..

I think the vids of her burning her feet and all that being shown to the prosecutor or the public defender can help cause she needs rescuing from herself and it will go along way to rescuing her from a certain demise.

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