Retarded Ass Trucker Perv Approaches Then Nearly Gets ROCKED ??

Retarded Ass Trucker Perv Approaches Then Nearly Gets ROCKED ??

Lol! I look like I’m ready to beat someone ass c’hea lol:

That said, listen to how he call me a heaux and then threatens to call the slave catchers aka the police right along with his slave – this schizophrenic black guy in this new car with strangely both British and American (interestingly he got the license plate of my home state, Louisiana ?) license plates after trying to grab at me cause he thought presents, “gifts” (more than likely it had liquor in it so he can take advantage) would make it easier to take advantage…….

Also how the FUCK ole dude got a British license plate in the front and a Louisiana license plate (my home state) in back…..

His mentality, along with what he did and being a male period is EXACTLY why I was about to rock him!

You can tell by his thoughts that he did not respect me. PEEP how he looks down when I call him out for his attempted sexual assault all cause he thought that bringing me “gifts” entitled him to it. Cause I don’t have enough memory on my phone I couldn’t capture everything but what you see here is an attack. I let him know that I am a queen. Fuck that. A God! He ain’t worthy of me. He is not on my level of consciousness. He has no business coming up to me. He – and no other man – is worthy of me and I let him know this.

I don’t know why as of late that men – and womben like one I know – she white – feel like they got the right to violate me and take advantage of me.

I don’t get it.

They had a wedbawk who I was cool with who twice – once he bit at my nipple and then again kept placing his finger near my pantyline to correct something after the first time I told him to stop doing that – violated then got upset when I “violated” him – wasn’t even that harsh – by slapping him Saturday.

I put a curse his ass. He nearly lost his life – and his kids – and he lost his car running into a sheriffs on Independence Day. Imma have to make that happen twice now after I removed the curse.

I don’t get why people think they can violate and take advantage of me. It ain’t – trust – the shirtless thing cause I am quite certain if I were white – that wouldn’t be. It’s like folks who either aren’t on my level of consciousness or who don’t respect me keep getting placed in my path and it is abysmally frustrating having to fight all the fucking time.

I can’t even say – though there is an aspect of it that rings true – that it is cause I am black AND a womban. I feel like it is some God-hood shit. That I am here to lay down Ma’at, the Egyptian word for justice, and to quite possibly put folks who need the karma in their places.

This is why I have to be antagonistic towards people.

Now I can get into the whole narrative of, “cause I am a black womban” cause it plays a part.

As discussed here…..

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

THERE IS a tendency in our society to try to make both black womben and black men’s bodies public spaces in which mofos, under no uncertain terms, feel as if they got the right to violate us and that we should not have boundaries, like that wedbawk mentioned above. That is a very fucked up and inhumane thing to feel towards another human. But I sense there is more in my case….

– Here I am, looking down on these peasants…..

I am a God. This is happening cause I am a God. When you watch films, video games featuring Gods in human mortal bodies (when I’ve gone to jail Seers have told mr that I am an immortal which was my first clue that not everyone has Souls), like for instance, Raiden. Peep how they disrespect Raiden in the most recent Mortal Kombats:

– This is practically me and my name rhymes with his.

This why you gotta be mean to em!

Cause he is a God and by being sympathetic and overly nice and genuine with it and trying to be on these mortals’ levels is pretty much the equivalent of a teacher trying overly to relate to their students: they disrespect you!

You have to stay in your place which is above them (hence why I am viciously and violently against dating and so forth which will allow these mortals to get access to me then exploit my power and steal my strenght) and they, beneath you, hence the necessity of having an air of mystery about you. As the old saying goes, don’t cavort with the peasants.

Ask MC Hammer how back in his younger days how well that went…..

There is a reason why rich and esp. famous people build fences (symbolic of status) and separate themselves from the huddled (dumbed down) bottom feeder – as Prince Philip once said – masses! But my gates – along with my moat filled with crocodiles (#reptiliansquad ??) and all manners of astral vicious wildlife – are spiritual.

See, when I walk, a not only walk with my head held up high, but my nose up in the air. I let folks know I am a snob. As a really cool Christian dude named Taylor once advised, don’t even look at them. Don’t even acknowledge them with a look. I walk past cause I am spiritual royalty. When a person – a player in this matrix – tries to pull me down to their level by trying to forcefully get me to acknowledge them (this is how they hurt you), I set my energy on high and I give them, literally, the evil eye. I can put a curse on you just by looking at you, map out your whole life and afterlife for you – as I did the wedbawk above, which is what only a God can do.

Even I need friends – really, folks to do shit for me – I can ‘woke you and make you do what I want you to do. I once had a guy bring me money and he said something was forcing him to do it. That force is me! That is God level status.

I am no longer a background player in the Demiurge’s game. As a God who is coming into her full spiritual powers I can set the rules however I wish for my life – and anyone else’s I so wish. I am no longer subject to the rules of etiquette that the mortals are subjected to aka the rules of karma. I do this all the time after reading my tarot cards: if I see foul shit on the horizon, I can change it to avert it from happening in this timeline. So why do I need people again, esp. when I can spiritually manipulate them against their will to do my bidding?

The only people I acknowledge are other Gods.

That said, I now realEYES the drinking urges were a longing to be and enjoy life amongst the mortals by in a way cutting off my Divine gifts (my third eye doesn’t work when I drink) and being like and interacting as the regular folk do. But then I get taken advantage of cause they, and this includes damaged Gods, sense that I am different, more put together, and so thus out of envy for my spiritual powers wanna tear at them, tear at me, bring me down to their level and down to a level that is beneath me but in their comfort zone. It reminds me of the times idiots would treat me as a baffoon cause I knew so much and was very very knowledgeable about things, making fun of me calling me “crazy”, which is the idiots euphemism for highly intelligent or highly conscious having people who are beyond their comprehension. I am beyond that idiot’s comprehension who had the audacity to dare approach me, like he is on my level! How dare that thing! – Another thing I think he drove with that dude. Why the fuck he drove with him when he got his own vehicle ????

I have learned the art of ignoring simpletons who insult you to get your attention – I can tell. If I am in a fun mood I’ll just ‘woke ya and watch as you next time come around complain aloud of your life all of a sudden being magically fucked up – at my hands ??

It all makes sense why – even as a kid – I had to be mean to get my way and why I sorta yearned to be amongst the mortals but knew I was not of them and how their ways are foreign to me: I am a God.

It is good to be in a place where you have no emotional ties, no emotional connections to these things, these people, these peasants. I always used to wonder why folks felt – even when I bent over backwards to be nice like 69 Tekashi does – I thought I was better than them and that I am a snob as I heard from a bitch at the shelter who I ‘woked (oh man her screams after seeing awful shit that night had me crying dying laughing). It’s cause I am. I am a God and I own it. No more trying to fit in or be understood. You will understand this ‘woke ✊? and that will be it:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

– I am good at this shit it’s boring as fuck now ?

Gods come here to play with their piwers while being confined – and limited – in a mortal body. Whereas in the astral realm you can fly etc., you can’t do that shit in the material realm due to being limited by your 3D body. You can only do so much. And then to top it off with the archons aka entity attachments in and on your mortal body when you are first physically incarnated (there was a great youtube channel called EyeSpyTV that showed entity attachments on folks bodies from famous folks to lil babies), we come here for the challenge, the challenge of being able to pull off our “magick tricks”, “witchcraft” while dealing with the physical limitations of a mortal body. That is the challenge, the fun, we come for as well as to fight the archons in their system, their game, hence the term: “The world is a stage”.

Mortal shit is not to be taken seriously. Best to keep your head above water by staying out of the morass of their shit. Keep em at a distance – even if you got to use “dark” magick to do it. I am a God. That shit is beneath me. There is a reason why folks have told me this time and time again.

This ain’t about hurt feelings. This is the path of a God. My path. My path is the path of a God. Don’t get involved with these idiots, don’t get chummy with em. If you gotta cavort only cavort with other Gods (as long as it ain’t the damaged ones I been encountering) and just see and use these peasants as world leaders do; as pawns for your pleasure, your game in this realm as a God.

That is why it is said, “Freedom is never having to say you’re sorry” ?

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