When A Person Talks Shit On Ya Behind Your Back CUT EM OFF

When A Person Talks Shit On Ya Behind Your Back CUT EM OFF

How…. why….. why is it that a strong womban like myself attract these misogynistic, self loathing sociopaths who feel like they got the right to gas light me but I am not supposed to say shit to their overt – and I mean overt gaslighting….. I cut these mofo…..

This is a faggot. You can’t tell me any differently. This mofo got gay tendencies, bitch tendencies to be more accurate (like most all latin males)….. mad effeminate but, I mean…. it’s like how do I attract this, like fucking how…..

This is an insult to me. It ain’t cause the mofo a closet case faggot – this ain’t the first time I have attracted them…..

It Is Better To Stand On Your Own Then To Have Backstabbers As Friends

But this mofo here…. okay remember the incident with the nigger bitch here pepper spraying me after I put my dukes up……

Black Bitch With Possible Abandoned Kids Pepper Sprays Me For Showing Concern

Alright, this mofo here – tho he doused my pepper sprayed face in water, “helped” me (so he can use me as a beard to get pussy and deny to himself his homosexuality) told the fucking cops in earshot that I am a troublemaker (he a fucking misogynist who likes womben he can control) and all sorts of unflattering shit to say the least and then wanna smile in my fucking face and sweet talk me like I am a little kid (an insult to my intelligence to buttress his low self esteem) and pretend to be nice to get pussy – which I never gave (I only used his ass for the Jack as in Jack Daniels – yeah, I’m a drunk).

Then while talking to this wetback who understandibly got kicked out of his home cause his caucasian gf wasn’t having that machismo latin bullshit (Eye see you ???) and who gets upset when I defend myself (wanting me to be weak so he can buttress his fake bitch – not manly – ego) I heard that mofo say to him, “We gotta get her out.”

Here is what happened to someone who wanted to get me out ?? #ReptilianSquad

– Nice that with the ads in my vids I am now making money off they asses ?

That said, not but 2 days afyer saying that at a bonfire event, I had him seeing the demons of the folks he killed in war – he also told me about shadow people pulling him into another dimension – haunting him. They once had him running crazed across the street, nearly about to get killed by a bus ?

That ain’t ptsd; those are spirits.

And that is what happens to anyone who conspires to run me out: my demons attack them. My demons don’t play.

This is why I don’t have any friends cause I keep. consistently. coming across mofos who are deceivers, don’t have my best interest at heart who deliberately seek to hurt me, use me, and then gaslight worst of all.

That fucking faggot came up to me today and I cursed his ass out. I may curse him.

This is why – aside from learning, knowing black magick – it is important to know yourself to protect yourself.

I am my best friend. I talk to myself, answer myself, play with myself as Billy Idol advised:

Because of this, this is why I go on the defensive and act an asshole to people in public cause I find when I am nice folks see it as a weakness and wanna take advantage of me but when I act an asshole they respect me cause they fear me cause of all that no putting up with bullshit energy that instantly comes out. I get my way! And that has always been the way of the world for me.

Contrary to popular belief (for others) it acts as a deterrent to assholes, users and abusers who otherwise would take advantage cause I find that people envy me on some innate level. Yeah, I live in my vehicle and ain’t got shit but I have something – it’s a Soul and strenght, inner strenght that most people don’t have and when they get close they seek to barbariously tear it down as exemplified by the others.

It’s like that latin dude: I stood up for myself against a dude who was looking into my vehicle, nasty mofo, and when I ran his ass up the street the latin dude took it personal like I did something to him. This is why I don’t give myself to everyone. I see myself, my presence as a gift and if you ain’t worthy of it you ain’t worthy of it. Never sell yourself short.

I am also an empath, an INFJ (I HATE how they make it into a social club when it ain’t supposed to be, replete with “cute” memes and all that bull ?) which means introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging which is a very rare personality type which I most def. have. Add that I AM a heyoka, a very rare empath:

I explained here how I have a very rare tendency to absorb other’s energies and the power it gives me over other people (I notice when I ‘woke folks they come under my control):

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

And so when you take all that into account you got a psychic with the ability to absorb and send (aka curse your ass with the evil eye as well) energy who knows what you’re thinking – even if you won’t overtly say it (your energy signature will) and will call you out on your bull with a low low tolerance for your bull cause I know what you are, what your intentions are, and I respect myself and love myself highly enough to not let you disrespect or deceive me….. at most not for long.

This is why I am an antisocial mofo. I have built myself into an emotional statue (due to having an overstanding of things so things don’t affect me personally, even this):

I don’t know of that sissy “trying to explain myself and be understood by you” bullcrap. Like my big brother Kerry, I’ll just attack. I won’t even let your ass know what you did. I know. We know (you two faced mofo) so keep it moving (I do that shit to torture their asses lol ?).

Never open up dialogue cause a deceiver knows. This is why it is important for empaths to break free of the “sharing emotions” aspect of being an empath so you can control it and be intuitive while not being emotionally vulnerable to being wounded, as I explain here:

How To Become A Psychopathic Empath

That’s how sociopaths like Ted Bundy were able to be intuitive and read folks without having empathy.

Now that I think of it, that mofo wanted me to be so vulnerable that he kept insisting that I feel bad about the pepper spraying attack saying, “I know you are feeling bad about it” then insisting I hug him with his perverted touchy feely ass (I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT but I sincerely believe that at times our guards are supposed to get let down and we are as per our destined plan let folks like that “in” to teach us lessons).

That is the sign of a weak ass egocentric misogynistic manipulative mofo – wanting you to be weak and vulnerable to build themselves up. That is a predator. The girl he with is needy and codependent and he told me she seeks men’s validation for her looks and he is tired of her. He coming after me as a challenge and I know it. Reminds me of this quote here:

In another instance with the latin dude when I was eloquently explaining spirituality with some very open minded young ladies he got jealous as if I were showing him up. Stay away from insecure mofos. I don’t care how nice they are and what they have done for you. That is how womben stay in abusive relationships cause they reminisce on the good times and not the devil he really exposing himself to be now. I even overheard em practically salivating at the mouth, wishing for me to get “put in my place” by getting beat. The misogyny of it, the gaslighting only making it worse, kills me. What’s even worse is how that closet faggot fahjay (sound like a fucking shoe brand – don’t steal it) said, “She topless” as if that gives him license to do what he has done to me, to treat me like an idiot and sexually objectify me and I am supposed to be a moron and allow myself to be subject to gaslighting…..

That said, note I am in a much better place inwardly. I took alot of time to heal and I have honest made great strides in that – and I did this on my own. I have become emotionally stoic to the bullshit. I have fully reached that evolved state where I can be a heyoka yet not be easily emotionally welded to the bullshit of peer pressure due to – I’ll just say I know how to control it. The heart chakra. There are ways of doing it as explained here so that folks bull don’t get in:

How To Become A Psychopathic Empath

That being said what I am talking on is the True path to becoming a God! The satanism, material fall in 2014, it all adds up. We walk these experiences for a reason. I feel like my job is to expose people. This is why I don’t get along with people as will be discussed in the next article…..

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