Black Bitch With Possible Abandoned Kids Pepper Sprays Me For Showing Concern

Black Bitch With Possible Abandoned Kids Pepper Sprays Me For Showing Concern

* Now they got it painted gold ?

Fucking nigger.

I ‘woked this black bitch.

Both them won’t have dem keeds for long.

I don’t like how the sheriffs treated me here.

This is why I am well versed (spellcasting) in black magick and won’t hesitate to put it on mofos…. including keeds….. but not in this case here.

I knew shit was gonna happen cause that fucking nigger voodoo loa baron samedi been around me. I need a god like Thor or my own abilities (I have actually defeated him before) to defeat him:

This mofo comes around and discord happens between me and others and all this week and last week when I get drunk everything still been beauty-full!

I hate that fucking nigger and anyone wanting to indoctrinate me into that nigger ass re-ligion I’ll curse them.

That said – note it’s black folks I got into it with – I thought – I am probably right – that she was the woman living in a minivan with all them kids cause one came up with a VERY pretty lil girl…..

The way they came up and were around – my intuitive sensors just lit up like something ain’t right…..

That said, peep in the 1st vid above how defensive they get…..

I wasn’t wrong…..

Punk asses!

That said, this is why I am a firm believer in abortion and killing keeds, lil fockers, when you can’t afford em…..

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

I literally condemned another lil focker to hell after trying to use my body as a port-hole (portal) to come into this world…..

Crazy too cause I spoke with my dad today…..

People need to learn to be responsible when having these lil fockers…..

Kids are a major responsibility and they are – I mean even pets deserve a stable home.

I was legit honest ?? mad watching out and meant no harm.

She showed her side:

It’s done.

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