The Gamestop Stock Buy UP Shock Is A Psyop

The Gamestop Stock Buy UP Shock Is A Psyop

That caption on the bottom right pisses me off ??‍♀️

Damn I rhymned lol……

This shit is designed to make the market crash since, the whole objective is to cause of this gamestop stock buyup psyop is to destroy the said hedge funds which the newspapers are saying can lead to a crash……

All this dumb shit – I mean you all are just enriching the system by fueling a big corp that is apart of that system using “stimmy funds” given by the same government that this whole bull is meant to undermine which will do nothing to stop the real fucking threats…..

The Covid Destruction of Businesses Is Meant To Set Up For The Great Reset Aka Hunger Games

Ya’ll need to read more on this Great Reset bull man…..

I just reposted it here cause we all know how Google censors real shit…..

That shit is real ?? It’s coming! You all better stop letting the system get you all focused on dumb shit while they do the real shit in front ya faces in plain sight…..

Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

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