Lost Hills Sheriffs Pull Guns In Felony Stop For Arsonist Domestic Violence Domestic Terrorist Suspect

LOL nigga looked dead at me…..

I don’t know wtf going on…..

I’m sensing arsonist cause the cops just don’t roll up on you even if you done beat a mug to death, esp. with guns, in a domestic violence dispute:


– After all there was a fire last night blocking the pch (I was hoping ?? it meant the rapist got ‘woked)!

I don’t know what the fuck it is but shit made my day ?

– JUST NOW a dude just told me he saw her just casually walk into the bushes and he saw a dude on a motorbike stop to go in after her but flee when he saw the sheriffs. He said he didn’t sense they were bf/gf so something else was going on….

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