LOL I Sicc’d The Malibu Nut Gangstalking Committee On The Dial A Ride Serial Killers

LOL these pee-pole are fucking nuts and weird out here I swear ??


I had them dumbasses driving around, looking into, canvassing they shit! Fucking organic portals (I have no respect for and can influence with ‘woke ??‍♀️)!

I even canvassed they shit yesterday cause I wanted to see if there were any dead bodies in there.


This shit like the ‘burbs!

I had a crush on the fat dude to the far left in it on the cover back in the day!

Anyways, them mofos – on a serious note – something is up with em!

I watched embat night too!


When their car was gone, somebody in there turned on the fucking lights. I looked in it early so, who the fuck could be sleeping like all fucking day – I know folks who work at night who be sleeping all fucking day!

I wonder if they are running a meth lab out of there?

I also saw a dude in a white and sky blue beemer suv talking to some crypt keeper voiced ole relic mofo, saying “He’d kick my ass” and talking about – on repeat cause the asshole has althzeimers – “I’ll beat you.” Bitch, from the way he sounded, I could just kick you down a flight of stairs and kill you.

I’ve low key done it before with witchcraft tee hee ??‍♀️

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

That said, the voice on the other end of the line ole beemer was speaking to sounded like that old homosexual faggot hobbit troll across the street:

Him and his young boy toy.

All jokes aside, something weird about they asses. When they first CAME HERE I got drained! ALL YESTERDAY a squirrel kept making the sound they make when they are in distress. Even the goblin changed voices on they asses. The forest would die at certain times, like the noises while they are here! ATTRACTING BAD PEE-POLE LIKE THE BICKERING WETBUCKS HERE:

Something Needs To Be Done About These Homeless Assholes Parking By The Right A Way By The Topanga Canyon Public Works Station

They have some E-VILE energy and some fucked up shit going on with them! I mean, most folk park where the forest is. WHY THE FUCK you gonna park in a weird area, where no one can see what you doing? I suspect it’s cause the forest creates echos so they don’t want folks to hear the fucked up shit they got going on inside. I heard banging (of a dead body), weird shit!

They gotta be shut down! And if that was ole dude talking on the phone, I’ll bring some brothas to bust that wetbuck ugly hobbit troll ass.


PS Forest rangers just came and I got into a cross street argument with him…..


JUST NOW a young lady on the run just appeared! Like last time with CHP and the public ‘wokes people doing road ‘woke up here, something ALWAYS pops off when here!

– LOL sheriffs still watching his ass after they left lol….

Maybe he should stick around…..

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