Fruitbat Truck Got ‘Woked and Public ‘Wokes Is Next

….cause they still got a dog enslaved in they fucking facility at 18000 Topanga Canyon Blvd in Malibu ??


Here proof of when it happened…..

Again, call PETA at 757-622-7382

That said I ‘woked this heaux….


I was wondering why she had that big raggedy ass truck sitting out there ALL NIGHT (she do some ritual shit where she moves it down there then drives it to her usual spot then back down the fucking street again ??‍♀️).

Eye ? Sea ? everything…..

I saw a public ‘wokes truck cavorting with her, getting coconuts (ya’ll public ‘wokes mugs are gonna need that shit for protection):


Then she called the sheriffs…..


But my spirits got that shit! They knew you were on some conspiring shit and, like the mafia, gave you a nice warning!

Don’t fuck with me. You can work with that Earthly shit but I ‘woke with shit that can take your ass to hell ?

– And the funny thing is I am in a healing period so I didn’t do shit lol!

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