The Spiritual Effects of My Fasting

I swear up and fucking down just now there was an evil spirit upon me that was turning everyone against me, like out the fucking blue, like organic portals saying dumb shit like this white bitch near the porta potties last night (don’t need to mention wetbacks cause we know what those thangz are ????) and then a public ‘wokes employee – an asshole supervisor who has fucked with me before and had a dog running loose around there for use in dog fights – said as soon as I parked ACROSS the street from him that he was gonna call the cops….

There was something attached to my sacral chakra but I removed it, something evil that this dude here placed in me:

This was after I called him out for being a reptilian which I saw thru my third eye….

– Peep how he resorts to the buy-bull when fucking with another young man, which shows that HYPOchristianity is a re-ligious system created and designed by the reptilians:

With that being said let me talk about my experience with fasting which I broke down to three days and will continue carrying out in the form of only drinking water (and any other healthy liquids) till 12 noon:

Day 1


This was started after that wetback demon seed of Quetzalcoatl ran over my foot maliciously in a racially motivated attempt (as you can read on my blog they have been carrying out acts of genocide against blacks) to try to intimidate me and get me to dim my voice and my light….

I thought this may have been him…

But it’s not….

From what I recall I think he might be one of the public works people who work across the street (I thought I saw him driving a black construction truck earlier) = IT AIN’T HIM! ….

Here are some other people involved….

Here one of the vehicles involved….

Here part of the incident….

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

I don’t care what a person says (esp. if drunk), that does not give you the right to try to kill somebody – but that is what wetbacks do which is why I hate their asses and have devoted my voice to exposing the heinous crimes of what they have done to my people and most importantly what us humans are dealing with in terms of them like here:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

– That’s what you’re dealing with. I won’t sugarcoat or deny it.

Right after sheriffs gave me a ticket and another neighbor a ticket which I think is fucked up….


Going back to that day all that day I thought I may have seen the Quetzalcoatl demon that did it:



….Your mind runs like that after shit like that happens….

I peep what I presume to be some of his boys monitoring me….


I talk about that here…..


I talk about the incident and it’s effect here….


You know, I’ll never forget…. an Israeli gentleman in a RV once told me of a case where a young surfer blonde haired white killed was beaten to the point of facial disfigurement by some wetbacks cause they didn’t want their sister dating a white.

That is why I will devote my life to exposing the demonic reptilian of the wetback. They are not human like you and I. They are evil:

Here is one non black who thanks me for my service….

Day 2:

I had been using tea tree oil on the wound – my foot also had edema – and it has been healing nicely with the edema going down and the wound closing….


I went to the water to heal….


I noticed this subliminal image of a dragon leaving my sacral chakra – based on an astral projection I had there was a dragon that was in my sacral chakra that was drawing sexual predators to me….

Like this dude here….


When I played 6000 hz frequency I could hear the dude say, “She ain’t coming out – let’s go” even though he stayed as I did my typical intimidation tactics of filming etc. I tell ya that shit is powerful and has a great effect on running negative entities and people off. I also noticed my face changing….

Here are other pics taken that gorgeous day….

Day 3:

I made great strides and improvements I can’t lie:

– My face was SYMMETRICAL and this was after having done some internal inner child healing work in which I used my astral form to peep that there were spider webs in my subconscious holding alot of bad programming in – analogous to glue (you got to watch them spider webs) and when I released it I felt this overwhelming sense of release – my sacral chakra aka stomach region felt full and my crown chakra opened and I was just in a state of pure bliss…..

But I still stayed monitoring shit….

Here I thought I saw the girls in the vehicle who ran over my foot and one of the mugs – a wetback – who stole my phone awhile back….



It’s funny cause this alllll happened on Independence Day:



And of course some gangstalking…. and there was a bunch of that that day!


It was a very beautiful time too….

….Lordt they won’t install a door on this fucking porta potty…..

I also keep seeing dragons and triangles…..

Here is the final one and my summation after the fasting….


That being said my purpose is to be a shaman, which I already am. I know how to use my third eye to do things in the astral realm, one time I absorbed a woman’s pain and took it off of her so I have great natural spiritual abilities and that is why I walk the path I do.

True spiritual awakenings are not fucking easy. They are meant to shake you off from being absorbed with Earthly shit so you will remember the spiritual being you are and come into your true power. People say on the outside the my life is hard but I know intuitively – starting from when I was small – that it wasn’t meant to be.

Many of my battles are spiritual which spills into the material realm and affects how people see me and treat me. I am aware of this. It’s meant to get me to not be stuck on low vibratory Earthly shit.

That being said there needs to be a balance and that comes with resolving old inner wounds which – when left unresolved – will just compile more and more bullshit on top of bull and make shit even more difficult to escape, like a quagmire or quicksand.

But it can be done and that is why I am sharing my story, journey really so that those going thru it – like me – know that they are not alone and how to deal with the shit you’re facing which may be mad similar to what I have endured – and conquered.

The shit ain’t easy which is why I don’t pretty it up!

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