Astral Projection Shows That I Conquered All The Bad Spirits Holding Me Back

Astral Projection Shows That I Conquered All The Bad Spirits Holding Me Back

Before I begin let me start off by saying that the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl otherwise known as the wetback strikes again:

….With their feeble minded, low IQ asses. So I guess they don’t realise that their threats (wouldn’t say that shit if I were white) only proves my point….. esp. the audience I am trying to reach….?

Look you fucking wetbacks stay off my platforms and stay out of black folks’ spaces. Your racist, demonic low IQ asses aren’t wanted, nor desired or needed ????? ✊? #trump2020

With that being said, let me address what went on in the astral realm last night….

Now I have been making alot of strides spiritually, lately – all last week and the week before was spent being consumed with releasing shit internally that no longer serves me, closing inner old childhood, adult wounds and getting to the heart behind why certain programming is ruthlessly and stubbornly instituted within my subconscious mind.

It’s alot and I will talk about it in the next blog article…..

That being said I had an interesting astral projection – it seemed that I was in a house of horrors helmed by a magician who was this lil old white man who kinda reminded me of the dude here from that film Network:

With that being said it was kinda like he used it as a staging ground of sorts to test folks psychic abilities. There was alot that happened but before I arrived at this place I was in my folks’ old childhood home with my two younger brothers and I recall one of em saying, “The monsters are coming” to which I thought he meant that the neighbors being zombies. What he was referring to were these lil entities I sicc’d on others – they looked like the lil ugly demonic things from the 1988 film (same year my said brother was born too) Critters:

With that being said if I recall I think they ran when they saw me or made themselves invisible though I could see them so I couldn’t get they ass – that was it!

Anyways, onto the magician home: it was situation in a graveyard it seemed in the Chicago area (why this would take place in Chi-raq as I have no roots, no resonance with it is beyond me). It was a regular type shotgun house, like ranch style home. I recall seeing, witnessing numerous folks fail till it was my turn.

When my turn was up – now this shit was full of symbolism:

There was a small statue of a black lady with long but tightly coiled hair – it was pretty. She was wearing a dress. When I touched it it emitted a blue light which brought the woman to life. I don’t know if she was an ancestor but she mentioned being into voodoo. She was kinda goofy. I said something about Oshun and Yemaya and she just started laughing. That said I went thru with the obstacle course. I recall one of em involved being in some room with mafia dudes and being able to put magic on them to evade them. I then recall the next obstacle course was playing dead to avoid these old 1800s white dudes from turning us into stone. I failed cause of the position I was in though I tried to keep quiet but they liked me and got to talking with me and the magician and they all had glowing cerulean blue eyes – my fav colour and also symbolic.

That being said the mafioso broke in and tried to get my ass. I forgot to mention that they were in a deal with some black gangsters to get me (wonder how this translates in real life? ?) and one of the black gangsters was an old high school or middle school teacher who was mad cool towards me. The 1800s guys – like old saloon, old gunslinger dudes – tried to stop em! At some point I recall fleeing the place, flying past a picture (representing one of the entities I overcame given this happened in a graveyard) a skull with a top hat – I’ve seen his ass before – and then my escaping the cementary and vowing not to come back for shit!

I recall the magician dude kinda inviting me to come back, wallowing in his business/place being destroyed. I was there for a quick min then I rolled out! When I did I recall looking for my car but it got towed (symbolic) since I was there for 3 days in excess to what I was there for (I was originally going to some tax place or just parking there to go to a store but illegally used their parking lot) but me thinking I could just get another.

Then I awoke.

There was alot of symbolism here. I really don’t know what to make of it.

I think the skeleton coulda been this here:

….but what I saw had a top hat and I don’t recall if it had flowers or not….

If this shit was a sacrifice I told ya’ll ya’ll wetback shit is inferior to what I can personally do (I am a gnostic and work with The Source) or to Haitian or Louisiana voodoo so cut the shit.

I do remember a top hat tho and given all the symbolism – the mafia dude, ohhhh here is a significant part I forgot:

At the end I recall going to the office of the black 1940s old timey gangsters and they said something about fuck the NAACP or that they will get someone – I sensed me – to replace their head and it seemed to be that voodoo lady at the beginning.

It’s alot of symbolism to decode. I heard some wetbacks last night talk about “We gotta get rid of her” then took off when I came near. It could have some gangster shit to do with that – I don’t know.

I’ll figure it out!

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